Will an Apple a day keep the Irish Government at Bay?

In the last few days it was publicly announced that here in Ireland and the rest of the European world that Ireland, will have to face a possible fine from the (EU) European Union authorities. This fine comes as Ireland failed to collect taxes from American Tech Company Apple. These allegations came to light last year after it emerged that Apple did not comply with Ireland with their taxes. These taxes are worth a staggering €13bn a sum that could do something wonderful to our country like example build homes for the homeless, take the people of the waiting lists, help with the over crowding in our hospitals, the lists could go on and on.

So why haven’t our government collected this?

If a normal Joe soap ( Tax Payer, on the ground owed the revenue any amount of cash they would be on them like a light with possible court appearances, convictions, etc and yet despite this staggering amount it would appear that our government haven’t the slightest interest of collecting this amount of cash and one has to wonder why?

The European Commission may also issue a so-called non-compliance action as soon as this week over the way Ireland has reacted or not reacted at all. The EU have pushed Ireland to collect this staggering amount by the first week of January 2018.

Just last year the commission slapped Apple with a multi billion euro bill claiming that Ireland granted unfair dealings with Apple and in doing so reduced the giant tech company effective corporate tax rates.

This decision was hotly contested by the Irish State, (Surprise, Surprise) and Apple, ( Another Surprise, But not as big as first surprise,) and both are appealing the decision, Which one can only laugh at and question it.

Irish government officials have repeatedly thrown it out there that there were no sweetheart tax deals done here. If this cash is collected it will be then placed in a escrow account, (an escrow account is an account which is held by a third party on behalf of both transaction parties) and pending the outcome of one or both the appeals. And if Apple is successful with its appeal the cash could be returned to them within the five years time frame that it could take to get the appeal through its stages.

And if Ireland is successful? Ha

The Irish Department of Finance and an EU spokesman declined to comment on the latest development in the case.

Folks will an Apple a day keep the Irish government away? It would appear so.

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