When no means no

In the autumn of 2014 up to 80,000 people took to the streets in Dublin City to protest over water charges. This movement of people was never seen before and it would be safe to say because of this campaign the right to change began its foundation into our society. People from all walks of life took to the streets to protest over the introduction of water charges.

In 2016 Ireland had a general election and a certain political party (FF) Finna Fail promised Ireland that if they got elected they would abolish water charges. (FF) were elected in and entered a coalition with the existing government (FG) Fina Gael.

In the summer of 2016 householders were informed that further water charges bill’s were suspended despite some households having already paid their bills. Despite the ones who paid the bill’s this new piece of information was very welcoming and some certain people felt perhaps this was the ending of Irish Water (IW ) or maybe the end of the water charges.

Its now the very last day in November 2016 and suddenly there is talk in the media that certain households may be liable to pay for usage on the water they use if they exceed their average household amount. How can they expect to monitor such usage after all not all houses have water meteors. How can they prove that a household exceeded their amount by looking in a water drain.

Also when no means no why won’t they just abolish the water charges once for all. They could keep IW in operation and use money from taxes to pay for and run it. That way they can keep our water safe, clean, and fix all major or minor water leaks.

Its time they bury the water charges No means No Folks!!!!!!

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