Waterford Whispers News Gig review By Craig Anderson.

Satirical News Wows the Crowds at Vicar St. Venue. More after these Headlines

By Craig Anderson

The Waterford Whispers News who were on tour here in Dublin recently and stopped in Vicar Street On Saturday 6th October and blew away the crowd. The Waterford Whispers, which started its life on Facebook back in 2009 as a satirical news organisation wowed audience with their tongue in cheek take on Irish current events and world events.

The stage was set up like the RTE’s six one news, with two news reporters firing amazing one liner headlines. Some, like ‘There’s no conspiracy, I’m actually just dead – Says 2 Pac’ had me crying my eyes out, while others, such as ‘Syria to Host All Future Wars’ showed the depth of research done by the editors of the Waterford Whispers.

The show began at 8:30, with a few ‘advertisements’ on the large screen. These skits were amazingly funny, and allowed a sense of immersion. The skits played on such things as Crime Call, the media’s obsession with shootings in America and Modern Ireland.

I cannot put into words the amount of laughs I actually had at this venue. The two ‘news readers’ worked amazingly together, with their on-stage skits, such as the ‘Brexit refugees’ and the ‘I Own A’ Institute skits. The Brexit Refugee skit in particular had me wiping my eyes from the laughter.

When it came to the ‘Crime Watch’ section of the show, several things had me laughing like a madman, such as the ‘if you have any information, then text “Rat” to 70317’. The main thing that got me in tears was the ‘Scare Guard’ (pictured below, captured on a phone) and the woman from a well to do family, who couldn’t have been on drugs.

While it was 150 from a sold-out show, the attendance of the event was still near 1,000 people, with a form of humour to tickle everyone in the audience, be it the low brow or the high brow ‘Let’s see what the celebrities have to say about this new shooting’ segment.

A favorite of mine had to be the ‘New Tribe of Healy-Rays found in Kerry’ skit. The skit referenced the famous state of the Kerry roads, the use of ‘brown envelopes’ and the hatred of Dubliners from some members of Rural Ireland. The quality of the video skits was amazing too. The use of ‘interviews’ with their correspondents outside was professionally done and worth a great chuckle.

After the show, I managed to speak to Damien Carney, who played the male newsreader during the show. I asked him what he thought about the show and the crowd. His response was as followed:

“We had a great show. The audience really made the show, they were great.”

When I followed up with his thoughts on the numbers that attended, Damien replied with:

“It’s amazing. It really is.”

I truly cannot tell you how much you should see this show. The level of humour, the familiarity of the Irish state of affairs and the great impressions of politicians, ordinary people and the government’s handling of several different scandals.

Not many comedy shows can cause me to laugh until my jaw is aching, my throat is raw and my eyes look like I’ve been sobbing at the end of the Green Mile, but the Waterford Whispers truly had me in tears from start to finish.

I will now leave you with a list of my favorite headlines from the show. Please note that one or two will contain strong language.

‘Taoiseach hospitalised after shaking hands with working class’

‘Tragedy after daughter catches her death in that thing’

‘New Tribe of Healy-Rays found in Kerry’

‘Local busker arrested for murder of Wonderwall by Oasis’

‘Local mother only sitting down now’

‘Youth receives award for 100th charge’

‘Jesus not coming back confirms Vatican’

If you do wish to find more amazing headlines, then you can find the Waterford Whispers on Facebook and on their website: www.waterfordwhispers.com

Tickets for this event were supplied complementary by Aiken Promotions.

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