Video of lady Singing the Foggy Dew Recently in Dublin City

Recently at an public event in Dublin City titled The Sean Heuston 1916 Society Easter Commemoration’s which where held around various streets here in Dublin City. At this event we had entertainment by various speakers, from various public campaigns including the Mary Boyle Campaign, and a lady singing.

We had a lady by the name of Maura Mullin who sang two lovely songs in Moore Street. This is one of those recordings titled The Foggy Dew.

Prime Bling (PB) Your favorite on line digital entertainment guide, recently covered this event in digital publication.

We shot this video without a tripod so if its a bit shaky we apologize. I know a few weeks have passed since we videoed this song, but hey it’s better to be a little late than never publish it at all.

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Image & Video Credit: Prime Bling.

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