Turas Opening Day a big Hit with local people

On Wednesday 26th July 2017 TURAS Training Programme who base out of their offices on site on old Nass Road Bluebell here in the Dublin 12 area held their open day. Turas is part of what is known as the Canal Communities Training Programs here in Dublin City.

There was a great turn out for this event with people from all various walks of life turning up some in search of a chance of gaining either a training course and or information about going back to further their education skills.

Prime Bling (PB) Your favorite on line digital entertainment guide was invited to this event and we got talking to many a different people from clients who are on either one of the two programmes and staff who manage theses programs.

(PB) also spoke to clients upstairs in a room known as the Chill room:

Clients Personal Stories: 

Stephen who lives in the area says he only came to Turas less than 4 Months ago after a decision he made himself to take control of his life. He hopes to use his time in Turas as a stepping tool if you like as he has plans to start a new course in September this year in nearby Inichicore. He went on to tell (PB) That TURAS has worked in his favor and he cannot fault the services they offer to clients like himself.



( Alan: Not Real Name)

Alan Joined TURAS in December of 2015 after picking up a leaflet in a clinic where he used to pick up his medication. Alan used to live in the UK with his then partner. Alan used to be in college and was in his second year of a three year course (CAD) Computer Aided Design, when a family tragedy forced him and his partner to come back to Ireland to live. Alan hopes to go back to college here in Dublin to train in his chosen field at the moment Alan is prepared to go back into the public sector as a security guard a role in which he has also trained and did various training courses and or programmes,to enable him to get his licence so he could do work example door man etc Alan went on to say he is on a methadone course and since joining TURAS he has successfully reduced his methadone intake from 90 Mils to 60 Mils while working on his recovery with his doctor. Alan also went on to say TURAS has given him great support and he feels confident today as a result of him been a participant on this programme. He went on to state he loves getting up out of bed every morning so he can come to TURAS, He feels he has some routine back in his life he is in at 09:30 am he does his check in and starts at 10:am. Alan also went on to state that he would prefer to be employed rather than just sitting around at home all day doing nothing. Alan wants to go back to college to train in social studies and maybe one day become a Councillor and work with people who may be broken with addictions.

Zara’s Story:

Zara joined last July 2016 after a family tragedy in which saw her lose a family member. Zara is very interested in Interior Designs in which she already has a place for a three year course in nearby Raheney after doing a (10) week intro earlier on this year. This up and coming course will see her getting her degree and if desired she can go another four years in a nearby art college in Thomas Street to get her a master degree. Zara showed me some art pieces she has done that were proudly hanging on the walls. Zara thinks TURAS is great and feels very grateful for the support that she has received since joining it.

( Anthony:)

Anthony has only very recently joined TURAS but already he is showing great progress in his life he cannot thank the staff and clients in TURAS enough for their support and he too showed me some work in which he had helped to create including a boat type craft known as a Curraha which will be launched in the very near future. This boat was built without any power tools and used wood such as Hazel in which they took down in a forest in Wicklow. Anthony is working on getting his life back on track and is very hopeful for his future.

(Paul Not His Real name:)

Paul told (PB) That family members told him about TURAS, After his life was over taken by illegal drug talking. Paul has been clean for over a year now and is recovering very well. He feels that TURAS has helped him greatly and is grateful to be given the chance to turn his life around. Paul’s drug habits included smoking cannabis aka weed, snorting Cocaine on a daily basic and pill popping. Thankfully that is all behind him now and he too is looking forward to his future.

(Peter:) Not his real name.

Went on to say that he has come on a lot since joining TURAS, We asked Peter what would he say to people looking in at TURAS as a place of employment and or a training programme who would wish to join, Paul replied take the plunge its a great place.


Paul is up in TURAS now nearly four years he only very recently gained his forklift licence a licence he hopes to gain employment in the very near future in either a wholesaler or similar business. Paul is very grateful to the support he has received from his support workers in TURAS, And he feels he is more confident. We asked Paul if anyone was looking in wishing to join up what would he say to them he replied go for it.

( Carl )

Who is a client on this programme spoke to (PB) About his time here saying that the staff are very good to him and he feels he has come along way since joining this programme almost 1 Year ago and he hopes to find employment in mechanics or something similar. Carl went on to say he is very good with his hands and if anyone is looking to join TURAS join in they are very good here. Carl also went on to say that he feels his one to ones with his key workers are very good and have helped him greatly.

This open day was very good and once you went in to the building there were various stalls, tables set up about the building with clients and support workers telling you about their involvements with TURAS and the subjects. On show were art pieces, that were done by the clients, also on display were video productions, power point presentations, copper art pieces, photography, etc all done by the students. There was also a refreshment area with plenty of sandwiches, cakes, etc

( Monica:)

Monica is a support key worker and helps out with the ruining of the holistic programmes and also helps out in the nearby computer room. Monica went on to say that all clients are trained in computer literacy a tool to enhance the clients should they require them for the future.

If you would like to find out more information on training or maybe you have addictions issues you would like to address you can contact TURAS in person or by post at number C & C1 Bluebell Business Park, Old Nass Road Dublin 12. Or you can telephone them on 01-450-5396, You can also check out their fb page, do give them a like on fb. Good Luck.

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