Total Lunar Eclipse aka Blood Moon happening this Friday 27th July across most of Europe.

Later on tonight Ireland as well as most countries in Europe and some part of the world will be able to see an eclipse known as the total lunar eclipse from about 8:20pm. This eclipse is also known as the blood moon and the last time we had a blood moon was in January 2018.

This eclipse will see the moon come between the earth and the sun which then covers the moon with its shadow and the moon will go red in color hence the term blood moon. This eclipse only happens when there is a full moon and it won’t happen again till 20 to 21st January 2019. So why we are expected to have a clear sky later on this evening if you have nothing else to do watch it as it can get very interesting. Don’t forget your camera as we should have some good clear shots from Ireland.

Image Sourced From Google Images.

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