Thousands Of People Take To The Streets Over Homeless Crisis.

On Saturday 7th April 2018 Dublin City was the city to be in as thousands of people from all across Ireland took to the streets over the homeless crisis which is sadly getting worse here in Ireland. 

This march which began at the garden of remembrance in Parnell Square just after 1:30pm then made its way down O’Connell Street across O’Connell Bridge, Up on to Aston Quay, up Wellington Quay, across Capel Street Bridge, down on to Arran Quay, crossing back across O’Connell Bridge, then down to the Coustom Quay, before stopping at the the stage which was set up not to far from the Coustom House.

While some Irish Media put figures starting at 5,000 people to 8,000 people at this march Prime Bling (PB) Would easily put a figure at around 12,000. While the march moved on we where standing on O’Connell Street bridge we struggled to see the end of the march all you could see was thousands of banners streaming down O’Connell Street as far as the eye could see.

Chants from the crowd included ” Sleeping Bags Are Not Homes, Hotels Are Not Homes, etc.

There where plenty of political figures in attendance including People Before Profit, Richard Boyd Barret, Ex-Dublin Lord Mayor Christy Burke,  People Before Profit Councillor Tina McVeigh, and current lord mayor of Dublin Michael Mac Donncha. There was also plenty of public speakers including Fr Peter McVerry, founding member of the Peter Mcverry Trust, and Inner City helping Homeless Anthony Flynn to name just a couple.

Although every effort has been made to include all speakers, and performers at this march who where on stage (PB) Is working of a list that was given to us and if we missed anyone we apologize.

Stage Set List:

Speakers: Peter McVerry, Anthony Flynn, Michael Kerrigan, Kevin Callanan, Tracy Hanby, Bridget Casey, Tina McVeigh.

Performers: Nugget, aka Gary Nugent, Damien Dempsey, Stephen Wall and Seanin Huges.

Irish folk singer Damien Dempsey finished the show with a great cover to the ballad The Foggy Dew.


This event was hosted by National Housing and Housing Coalition.

All Images: Prime Bling.














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