The Top Two Hits that never made it to the number one spot in the UK Charts

Over the years we have had some decent tunes coming our way including hits by The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, to name a couple and despite their greatest effort their tracks failed to go all the way to the number 1 spot stopping at number two.

Here at Prime Bling (PB) We have complied a list to what we think was the best number two songs around over the years and who kept them of the number (1) Spot.

(10) Brown Sugar by The Rolling Stones. Released in April of 1971 this tune as we know it has over the years been alleged it was written about heroin, affairs, becoming a father etc It was kept of the number one spot by Dawn Knock Three Times.

(09) Waterloo Sunset by The Kinks. Released in May of 1967 this tune was officially sang at the end of the London Olympia closing ceremony. This track was originally titled Liverpool Sunset but was changed to Waterloo Sunset after The Kinks songwriter Ray Davies considered himself an adapted Scouser. It was kept at number two by The Tremeloes’ Silence is Golden.

(08) Last Christmas by Wham. Released in December 1984, Last Christmas was the best selling number two of all time selling over a whopping 1.5 Million Copies to date. This song caused a bit of a stir when it was released. Singer, Songwriter, Barry Manilow, made a complaint saying it sounded like one of his hits Can’t Smile Without You, In which resulted in Wham, George Micheal donating his first set of royalties to the charitable cause Band Aid in which was the same cause and song that kept Last Christmas of the number 1 spot. The song that stopped Last Christmas from becoming the Christmas song of 1984 was indeed Band Aid and Do They Know It’s Christmas Time. 

(07) The Jean Jenie by David Bowie. Released in December of 1972, This song was at the height of the Ziggy Stardust of fame. Bowie was denied the number one spot by that of a nine year old boy known as Jimmy Osmond. What must have annoyed Bowie was not only did he fail to get to the number one spot but the guitar riff from Jimmy Osmond hit was the exact same as Jean Jenie. The song that stopped David Bowie coming number one was Little Jimmy Osmond and the track was called Long Haired Lover From Liverpool.

(06) Strawberry Fields Forever, Penny Lane By The Beatles. Released in February 1967, Tells a story about two of the groups members John Lennon childhood stories about him playing in a Salvation Army home garden. This song was written about the time when John was young feeling very alienation. Penny Lane was a little more sunnier and it reflects on another member Paul McCartney. This release was kept of the number one spot by Engelbert Humperdinck’s Release Me in which came the best selling song of 1967.

(05) Wild Thing By The Troggs. Released in May of 1966, Wild Things was probably one of the fastest songs to record it was done in minutes said the writer Chip Taylor. Despite its early and fastest time to record the track it failed to reach the top of the charts it peaked at number two. Keeping them at number two was The Stones Paint It Black.

(04) Rocket Man by Elton John. Released April of 1972, Inspiration for this song was taken by lyricist Bernie Taupin, (Elton’s other half when it comes to his music,) Who was driving home to his parents house who started the song with I packed by bags last night (over and over in his head till he arrived at his parents home in Grimsby then wrote the song fully. This track was denied the number one spot by T-Rex Metal Guru.

(03) Vienna by Ultravox. Released in January 1981. This track was probably one of those early eighties tracks painted new Romantics with a great video that should of reached the number one slot but it didn’t it was kept of the number one spot by a man named as Joe Dolce’s and the song was called Shaddap You Face.

(02) Wonderwall by Oasis. Released in October 1995, Wonderwall has sold more than 1.5 Million Copies in the UK and the bands only then top ten hit in the US Single. Wonderwall was written for band member Noel Gallagher’s who planned to direct the song at his then wife Meg Matthews who he was divorcing from at the time. Noel then decided to change the direction of the song saying its a song about friendship. Wonderwall was kept of the number one spot by Duo Robson and Jerome’s I Believe/Up On The Roof.

(01) Fairytale Of New York by The Pogues. Released in December of 1987. Farirytale Of New York tells the story of two lovers living in New York in the run up to Christmas. This song became a reality after Rocker Elvis Costello made a bet with Pogues front-man Shane McGowan, That he couldn’t write a Christmas Hit. As you probably know he did bringing in Kirsty MacColl and between them produced one of the best ever Christmas Songs of all time. But despite this been a huge worldwide hit it failed to reach the number one spot in the UK Charts been denied this by The Petshop Boys remake of Elvis Presley original hit Always On My Mind.  


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