The Sean Heuston 1916 Society Dublin Easter Commemoration

It’s a Saturday afternoon 15th April 2017, and Prime Bling (PB) Is outside Liberty Hall here on Eden Quay Dublin City. Its a little past 3.30 pm when we arrive we are here on a social media invite by a group known as the Sean Heuston 1916 Society Dublin Branch. We are here to take part in a public celebration and march to what is known as the Irish Easter Commemoration.

When we arrived we could see people standing around in period costumes, Irish style military citizens uniforms, and all carrying either posters or banners.

Also there was support from the Justice For Mary Boyle campaign, Anti Corruption Taskforce (ACT) Countess Markievicz 1916 Society Dublin Branch. The 1916 Societies No Evictions End Homelessness group.

We left Eden Quay and walked the very short distance around on to Abbey Street then made our way on to O’Connell Street. We had a bagpiper lead the march and behind him we had 3 men dressed up as army personal. Each man carried a flag the man behind the bagpiper carried the Irish Flag, to the left of him they carried the flag known as the Plough and The Stars, and to the right of him was another known as Irish Republic Flag.

There was plenty of Gardai personal at this event and (PB) Counted two motorcyclists, who went ahead to direct traffic and there was a Garda squad car with two Gardai personal inside.

We made it up on to O’Connell Street and stopped directly outside the (GPO) General Post Office the very building where the Irish proclamation was first read out. On the cement Island facing the (GPO) A lady read out the proclamation in Irish and then we made our way up on the Parnell Street then walked the very short distance to Moore Street.

Moore Street holds a very important role in the Irish Easter Rising it was here where the Irish Citizen Army where held up fighting before they surrounded on conditional grounds.

In Moore Street we were greeted by the good folk who are behind the Save Moore Street campaign. It was here also that we had the lowering of the flags, and the laying of the wreaths, a minutes silence. Who ever made these wreaths did a great job. A lady by the name Dedrie O’Shea laid the wreaths and a chap known as Jamie Kavanagh also assisted.

We then had some speakers and they included Neil Armstrong, Sharon & Davina from the Justice Of Mary Boyle campaign, We also heard from Ado Perry who is from the Save Moore Street campaign. We then had a lady by the name of Maura Mullin who sang two songs firstly was The Foggy Dew and then our national anthem she sang the anthem in Irish.

The event ended at about 4.30 pm then everyone was invited to a pub for a cup of tea, coffee.

(PB) Was invited to this event by The Sean Heuston 1916 Society Dublin Branch as part of their Easter Commemorate Celebrations. 

Image Credit: Prime Bling



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