The Irish Homeless Crisis What A Disgrace.

It doesn’t matter where you live in Ireland the homeless crisis that we are witnessing is anything but getting better. Thousands upon thousands of people including children all of them through no fault of their own are stuck in emergency accommodation.

This is not the way life should be for people especially the children most of them still attending school and having to make treks across the city to their schools not once but twice a day, how come we have allowed this situation to happen? How can we look at this as normal?

One doesn’t have to stray to far away from the cities and towns that they live in to see the destruction that this homeless crisis has created and one doesn’t have to live in an illusion to realize that the Irish Government, State, been now (FG), and in the past (FF) and Labor have failed miserably with tackling the homeless and its crisis. We all know why the money is been pumped into the private sector it keeps all the landlords happy, ( Some are serving TD’s) it ensures that the money goes and stays in the golden circle.

Is there profit in a cure? No.

We recently had the pope come to the country for a 36 hour visit and his visit cost the tax payer over €36. Million, That’s nearly over €1.Million per hour, Could this money not have been better spent on our homeless? Look what they could of achieved if they had of pumped that money into the homeless crisis. The popes visit caused more problems for the homeless people than we needed or wanted. Anyone who was living in tents in the Phoenix Park were actually evicted from their pitches a couple of weeks before the pope came to the park, and when the pope was in Dublin, all the rough sleepers where banned from sleeping in the door ways and in public spaces around the city. Now that the pope is gone and the world wide media with him, now you can see the tents pitched back up in the park and the homeless sleeping rough in the city.

We have a system in place here in Dublin called the free phone its for victims caught up in this homeless crisis who need to be booked in for a bed off the streets, if their lucky, and its ran by a state funded agency its not a great effective system and most of the time it doesn’t work.

One is told to phone them at a particular time of the day to get a bed, when they phone they are told to ring back again at a later time, they ring again they are asked to phone later on that evening only to be told  in some cases there are no beds left but if you want a sleeping bag go here or go there to collect it, This is not right.

What they are failing to realize is if a person is homeless the chances of them owning and having a fully charged mobile telephone is slim as they have no where to charge them up, so getting this person to first phone them in the morning, then been told to phone back later on that day, till they get to the evening call at around 10:pm, which leads to the homeless person has to dally around town for the whole day not knowing where they stand and not knowing if they will get a bed or a sleeping bag that is very shocking.

The ones who get into hostels and emergency accommodation most are booked in on a nightly basic and have to leave their accommodation in all weathers every morning wandering the city with nowhere to go and nothing to do and in most cases having to chase the free phone number again.

Prime Bling (PB) Recently spoke to a large number of homeless people living in tents, and rough sleeping in and around our city, some who were given a bed for two nights in various hostels, then after the two days been put back out on to the streets to do it again where is the logic here? And we also witnessed first hand the very tragic cases of homeless people, most through no fault of their own, ended up becoming homeless and falling down and been unable to get back up, and then hearing their stories how they ended up been homeless and how they really feel to be Irish, and living in their own birth country. Some of these were struggling with various addictions and in one case a young lady turned to drugs to help her deal with the hardship of been homeless.

Why is it we have a system in place here in, Dublin, that if a person is homeless and is then given a temporary bed for a two night period then put back out on to the streets where is the solution to the homeless crisis here?  Shouldn’t they give the homeless people a bed for life, not to be putting them back out on the streets to rough sleep and start their homeless journey again, they don’t need a respite they need a home.

Have we as a society been brainwashed into thinking its OK to see a homeless person sleeping rough on our streets,?

Or its OK to see homeless victims living in tents? Well its not, OK.

We need a big change in this country we need to change the system because its not working we need to be able to stop the banks from talking peoples homes, and stop vulture funds buying stock from banks at reduced prices then reselling them leaving the house owners homeless, we need to be able to stop landlords from selling properties or putting up rent prices and forcing people into the homeless crisis, and we don’t need is any more new student apartments in our cities including Dublin, What we need are more houses for the homeless, and tackle the long waiting list that is crippling the country. This homeless crisis has to stop once for all its a disgrace.

Image Credits:Prime Bling.

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  1. My daughter has 3 young children. 7.6 and 4 years old. Her landlord served her with papers 64 months ago saying she has to vacate the property on the 1at Dec and that within 3 months of her vacating he will be handing it back o the bank as he can’t pay the mortgage. What are Dcc doing Notting told her to present homeless on the 1st Dec that’s it. Christmas is coming up and she and her kids are expected to leave the property. I’m stressed to bits just thinking about it, my daughter is in the depths of depression because of this. We don’t know whats going to happen.

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