St Teresa Gardens Regeneration Project Fully Underway

St Teresa Gardens is a flat complex right in the middle of the Liberties area here in the Dublin 8. For the past few years it has been subjected to a regeneration plan that was on and then it was off due to funding been cut or taken off the table completely. Two years ago in 2015 plans where put back into action and the regeneration finally began after been in the pipeline for well over a decade.

Residents who lived in this complex who did not want to move where all put into one of the front double blocks directly behind the Donore Ave Boxing Club, after they where all done up. Each flat that was done up received a new make over knocking two flats into one and fitting each flat out with new weather glazed windows and doors.

Last year in 2016 the regeneration project got truly underway with the demolish of one side of the flat complex. All  those flats that where taken down was directly behind the Coombe hospital on Cork Street. Recently Prime Bling (PB) went up to the flat complex to see the changes as they where happening. Al- dough it was still early January when we went up there was no construction workers on site nor was there any machinery on the site. There was a few security personnel around who kindly let us in to have a look.

What struck me the most when I was walking around the flat complex that’s still standing for now was the very eerie silence I could hear nothing except for the birds flying over me screeching away. As I went from one block to another looking at the flats that may be knocked down in the future I couldn’t help but to wonder how sad it looked and felt. Many a family including my own started off our life’s journey in St Teresa Gardens. These flats since they where built housed thousands of people from all walks of life and you would not have to walk to far of the beaten track to discover old neighbors.

While plans are well underway now to rebuild houses on the site where the old flats stood and a new road that will come in from nearby Cork street go through the flat complex go through an old pitch field known locally as Wilzers then exit directly on to South Circular Road, (SCR)

No matter what way you look at it the regeneration project in St Teresa Gardens is truly well underway.

Image Credit: Alan Finn

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