Solidarity-Rally For a left Alternative host public meeting in Dublin City

An Irish Political party known as Solidarity the left alternative, & formally known as the Anti Austerity Alliance, have called for a public meeting in support of what is known as the Jobstown 27, here in Ireland.

This meeting will be held on Sunday 2nd July 2017 in the Tivoli Theater here on Francis Street Dublin 8, From 2:pm.

Below is text sourced from their official fb and invite page.

The Verdict in the Jobstown trial is now due. Just as social movements are challenging the status quo around the world, the backward establishment are engaging in a stitch-up of peaceful protesters.

This case effects us all. Whether the defendants are found guilty or innocent, we must understand that a threat to our right to protest against inequality and injustice cannot be accepted.

At the same time, establishment politicians and their supportive media will do everything they can to preserve the conservative status quo. An aspect of the Jobstown trials are an open attack on Solidarity, our TD Paul Murphy and the idea of a left alternative growing in this country.

Jeremy Corbyn, in fighting “for the many, not the few” has shown that despite all the attacks from right wing politicians and the media, left ideas are on the rise, left ideas are popular and left ideas can win.
Join us at this important rally. All are welcome to come along and take part in a discussion about the injustice of the system and how we can unite social movements into a powerful force to take on the vested interests that dominate society.

Speakers include

Paddy Hill – Of the Birmingham 6 and founder of the miscarriages of Justice Organisation

Rebecca Gomperts – Women on web and international abortion rights activists

Hannah Sell – Author of “socialism in the 21st century”. British socialist and Corbyn supporter

L.Eljeer Hawkins – Black Lives Matter activist (Live link)

Eamon Dunphy, the Jobstown Defendants, Mick Barry and Ruth Coppinger TD & more to be confirmed

This public meeting will take place on Sunday 2nd July 2017 from 2:pm and its a free event.

Image Sourced From Google Images.

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