Should Minister Of Health Step Down Or Just become a public speaker every January apologizing on TV

It would appear come the new year and with it comes old problems in a new form. Last January 2017 and this January 2018 Minister Of Health Simon Harris went on national TV to apologize to the country over the amount of people waiting on hospital trolleys to be admitted. Despite him saying on record last year that this wasn’t good enough he goes back on national TV recently in the last few days and repeats his new apology.

What we the people in Ireland today wants to see is a modern Ireland that can actually step up in their game when it comes to our health problems because we really pay for it over and over again in taxes. Why can’t Ireland today be able to go forward and be ready to address the epidemic that we face every new year without fail. They know that people will be needing hospital beds, and or treatment,and yet every January without fail all we see, and or hear on the media is the amount off people waiting to be admitted to our hospitals who are lying on hospital trolleys not only in A+E Departments but scattered all around hospital corridors .

Is it time we said goodbye to Mr Harris or goodbye to the old problem of hospital overcrowding? Folks what do you think???  If this wasn’t bad enough Leo Varadkar, Irish Leader, has also apologized for this problem and between them suggested if a person is not to sick enough not to seek help by going to hospital, doctors, etc Sure isn’t this why hospitals, doctors, etc are there to treat the sick?

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