Scary Halloween Show in St Andrews Community Center Rialto A big success

The free Halloween scary show which was held recently in St Andrews Community Center, Rialto was a big success. At least a couple of hundred local people turned up to watch this show. Some of the locals who turned up arrived all dressed up in their Halloween costumes.

The show featured a local actor named Micheal Judd, Who gave us the introduction, while local historian Cathy Scuffil read us out ghost stories of Dublin and even told us about a haunted story about the black dog of Rialto, and the hellfire club to name a couple.

We where then all treated to some traditional Halloween foods including Curly Cae, Halloween Brac, and Monkey Nuts. There was also an area for locals to pick up a cup of tea, coffee, who didn’t bring their own bottle of wine, etc As it was a (BYOB, Bring your own bottle event.

We where all treated to a show that lasted for nearly two hours we also had live music by a young lady who plays the harp Sinead King, who dazzled us with tunes including The Foggy Dew.

The hall and corridors of St Andrews where all spooked up with Halloween decorations done by some of the local youths and most of the staff in St Andrews got all dressed up for the free event.

This event was sponsored by (DCC) Dublin City Council.   

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