Say Hello To MC Styne

Prime Bling (PB) Would like to say a big welcome to Styne, who is an MC, and hails all the way from east St Louis Illinois, USA.

Born Craig B Epps Junior aka as stage name Styne, This young MC certainly knows his stuff and can spit very well.

( Quick Intro )

Born Craig B. Epps Jr. stage name “STYNE”, was born and raised in East Saint Louis IL. Since the age of 8 yrs old STYNE has long chased his dreams of being a great MC from writing poems in elementary to writing rhymes through high school, the young MC improved dramatic and now has studied “Business management and Recording engineering & producing thus starting the “Most Doubted Records ENT.

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You can download Styne’s music from soundcloud

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You can also follow him on Twitter and on fb

Here is a video from him feat B Savage the song is called Youngin’s, Enjoy It!!!!!!!!!!!

Video Sourced From You Tube


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