Say Hello To 60 Wrap $$

Prime Bling (PB) Your favorite on line digital entertainment guide, Would like to say welcome to 60 Wrap $$ who is a  rap, hip hop artists. Only last November 2016 he released a track titled Babe Damsel as well as releasing an album titled Never Hustle.

Check out this MC he is very good Babe Damsel is probably one of the best rap hip hop songs that (PB) Heard this week plenty of nice back ground beats like a Caribbean, Reggae, style mixed with plenty of MC.

Check out this mans album on download sites its called Never Hustle.

( Quick Intro:)  

Babe Damsel by 60 Wrap$$ (HipHop, Dancehall) Never Hustle Me by 60 Wrap$$ (HipHop, Rap) The Album consists of 13 songs with 60 WRAP$$ as the author of the music, lyrics and arrangements. The recording, mixing and mastering was done in collaboration with Kenzeal sound producer in the Kenzeal Records Studio Malaysia.

Downloading sites where you can download his album include Soundcloud and Bandcamp also check him out on you tube.

Video Sourced From You Tube & Image Google Images.

Here is one of his songs titled Babe Damsel enjoy


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