Ringsend & Irishtown May Day Parade A Big Hit With The Locals.

Ringsend & Irishtown Community Center, (RICC), here in the Dublin 4 area hosted their annual yearly May Day Parade over the recent bank holiday. Locals came out in their force to enjoy this event while at the same time the sun making a welcome appearance in the sky.

After their parade it was back to the community center grounds where we were all treated to an open air gig with musicians from the area. We were also treated to various stage acts including dancers, boxers, etc, and a very good stage version of Jeff Wayne’s War Of The World by local musicians from nearby Ringsend & Irishtown School Of Rock with a local twist in the story telling part.

Prime Bling (PB) Your favorite on line digital entertainment guide was again at this year’s event. (PB) Was warmly greeted by the good folk of this area and given a lovely welcome.

There was plenty of children’s activities at this event including bouncy castles, face painting, mini zoo,etc and for the adults you could pick up a nice cup of tea, coffee, and a sandwich and as usual a big raffle at the end of the event. There was also a hot dog stand, cold drink stand, and an appearance by the local ice cream van.

(RICC) have their very own lord mayor and this year for the second year running it went to local man Tony River’s aka Deke.

Deke spoke to (PB) about the very rapid changes that’s happening in the community including the very new tall building’s with big multi investors investing into the areas in and around the docklands giving hope and jobs to the  local people.


The stage was once again alive with up and coming musicians some singing solo and others multi tasking from one instrument to another. Some of these very unique musicians where playing instruments that seemed to be taller than themselves but don’t be put off by their size by god they could play.

(PB) Got talking to some of the many volunteers who make this wonderful event happen. Maureen Rush has been doing this event now for about 5 years. Maureen is living locally beside the center and thinks its a great event for the local children she went on to say that the groups that are talking part are very good.

Vita Jakovleva, was volunteering on the day but is employed at the center. Vita, went on to say that she thinks the May Day Festival is absolutely wonderful and its a really important day for the community.

Lorraine Barry, who is the manager at (RICC) went on to say that this years event was very special and they added more activity to the parade by including local children who made their communion march in the parade in their communion wear, a tradition which originally goes back to the gone days and ways of the Ringsend & Iristown locals.

Lorraine, also went on to say normally before the May Day event they would put out a call on social media including facebook, twitter, looking for volunteers and Lorraine would like to say a big thank you to all the volunteers who turned up on the day to help out.

Assistant Manger Barbra Doyle, went on to say she thinks that the event is for the whole family to enjoy and its a brilliant day out. Barbra went on to say this years theme is blooming in the community. Another lady involved in this project is Jennifer Bells, who herself like most female’s there young and old had the blooming flowering symbols painted on to their face.

We where treated to a great show and we had several bands dropping a few tunes and they included (MC) Motion Control. (MC) are originally from the docklands area of Dublin City. Before the show ended just after 6:pm we had a young lady named Sophie Betson, who gave us lovely covers.

Due to an error on our site we are unable to use images we took from this years event but we were able to use an image that we took from last years event. We apologize if we took an image of you for publication we hope to resolve this issue soon and once we do we will try and rerun the images thank you.    

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