Remembering The Mount Street Martyr’s In Dublin.

Hosted by Irish Political Party,  Eirigi Dublin South Central, a remembering service took place yesterday Easter Sunday in Bluebell Cemetery and at Mount Street Bridge in honoring some of the Irish Easter Rising 1916 local volunteers who gave their lives so others could be free to live theirs in the fight for independence.

The ceremony kicked off at just a little past 2:pm yesterday in Bluebell Cementery, here in the Dublin 12 area, when around 12 local people including local Eirigi Councillor Damien Farrell, who gave us a little welcome speech and an intro, Paid tributes to some of the local men who gave their lives to free their country are buried. The men who were local volunteers where John Monks, Bernard Curtis, who are laid to rest in Bluebell Cemetery.

There was a short speech by a lady called Cath Inglis, then we had another lady by the name of Vicki White, who laid down a fresh spray of White Lillie’s this was followed by a one minute silence then the service ended in the cemetery.

The service then continued to Mount Street Bridge where another ceremony took place.

(Details about yesterdays ceremony invite by Eirigi Dublin South Central branch:  

Join us as we Remember our Patriot Martyrs who died defending Mount Street Bridge from advancing Battallions of British Military Forces during Easter Week 1916. Their deeds were heroic and deserving of a dignified ceremony. Every year we in Éirígí assemble to lay a tribute to Lt Micheal Malone,Sec Comm George Reynolds,Vol Patrick Doyle and Vol Richard “Dick” Murphy.   


Image Credits: Prime Bling.


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