Red Hurley Gig A Bit Hit.

On Friday Night gone ( 4th May) The Iveagh Grounds in Crumlin, Dublin 12 was the place to be as up to 250 People turned up to sing and dance away to Red Hurley, and the streetwise band. While this was a great evening for those lucky enough to get a ticket to this sell out gig it was all put together by local lady Elise O’Brien in support of the non profit charitable organization ” Bridges Of Hope, (b.o.h). Bridges Of Hope as you may recall from previous post’s here on Prime Bling (PB) Your favorite on line digital entertainment guide, help feed, dress, and give out sleeping bags, etc to the homeless people every Saturday Evening on North Earl Street here in Dublin City from 7:30 to 9:30pm.

 Two Local Ladies enjoying the show on Friday.

While we had various guest on the stage backed by the streetwise band it was the man himself Red Hurley who brought down the house. He gave us favorites like classic sang originally by John Paul Young, Love Is In The Air, I Can’t Get No Satisfaction, originally by the Rolling Stones, to name a couple. The crowd most matured showed how it should be done by getting up and singing and dancing the night away the place was rocking.

Elsie & Frank.

(PB) Spoke to the organiser of this event Elsie O’Brien who just happened to discover who  Bridges Of Hope, where last February, and what they do while she was fundraising another event in the Iveagh Grounds. Elsie went on to say she thinks the work done by the likes of (b.o.h) Is very good and she herself done something very similar some years ago. She also went on to say she was overwhelmed by the amount of young people who were on board with (b.o.h) and the work they where all doing for the homeless people in our city. Elise is a regular fundraiser and has been helping others for many a year now.

Elise would really like to promote something like this on Ireland FM.

Elsie and her friends at the Red Hurley gig managed to sponsor a lovely gift of food, and clothing, to (b.o.h) Weekly stall on North Earl Street the night after the gig.

Bridges Of Hope would like to thank Elise, her supporters, The Iveagh Grounds, The Streetwise Band, and anyone who contributed their time, and or spot prizes, to the big raffle, and a big thank you to the guest on the stage and Red Hurley.

All Image Credits: Prime Bling.


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Some of the people who enjoyed the recent gig in the Iveagh Grounds.


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