Rally For Justice March In Dublin City

Public Demo: By Alan Finn.

A public demonstration has been called for this, Saturday (22nd,) October in Dublin City. This demonstration has been called by the group known as “The Jobstown Not Guilty, This march is been called “Justice For Jobstown.

The information on this march has been posted on social media pages including fb pages.

The text below has been taken from one such page although some of the spellings and grammars had to be edited.

 As the Judge’s verdict hangs over a 17 year old student accused of kidnapping, Joan Burton we are hosting a march and rally to highlight the mass injustices being carried out against protesters and political activists. A guilty verdict against this boy (then 15) on these trumped up charges would represent a major injustice and attack on the civil liberties of all.

It is vital that all those who fought and won on the water charges mobilize in their communities and come together and defend the Right to Protest. The Jobstown trials are an attempt by the state to redefine a sit down protest and a slow march as false imprisonment! This would be a major weapon for them and would be used against protesters , striking workers and all those demanding an end to social inequality and injustice.

Bring your banners, bring your friends and lets make this a powerful statement against ordinary people who find themselves been branded criminals should they take part in any peaceful protests (example) preventing (IW) Irish Water from installing water meters, or preventing workers from using their machinery on site, should they be summoned to court over it.

People are been asked to meet at Central Bank in Dame Street at about 1: PM then a slow march To the children’s court house in Smithfield where the up and coming court sitting will take place tomorrow morning.

Another meeting will take place tomorrow outside the courthouse from 10.00 am, to show support for one of the youths who is up in court over the alleged kidnapping of a political figure Joan Burton.

This case is been seen by many of the public to be a waste of tax payers money and a waste of court time. It has been in the past been dubbed, A Media Circus.

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