Public Rally Takes Place in Dublin City in support of Jobstown 27

A public peaceful rally took place today Saturday 1st July 2017 in support of what is known here in Ireland as the Jobstown 27.

This rally took place from outside the central bank on Dame Street. This rally was called after a court case here in Dublin City during the week found up to 6 alleged protesters not guilty of kidnapping, and or false imprisonment of the then leader of the Irish Labor Party Joan Burton, and her then assistant Karen O’Connell, in Jobstown, Tallaght here in Dublin City, in November of 2014.

This case had been ongoing in court since April of this year and on Thursday 29th June 2017 a jury found up to six protesters not guilty of the alleged crimes. Another man who was originally on trial with these six men was also cleared of the charges some weeks ago.

The Accused men, Including Solitary TD Paul Murphy, along with six other men all from the Tallaght area of Dublin City were at this rally today giving a speech, and joining them was Paddy Hill who himself became known as one off the Birmingham Six, Who served time in the UK accused of planting a bomb in Birmingham.

Councillor Pat Dunne also joined the speakers as so did musician Don Baker.

( List Of Speakers:)

Councillor Pat Dunne.

Musician Don Baker.

Paddy Hill.

Scott Matterson.

Micheal Banks.

Micheal Murphy.

Kieran Mahon.

Frank Donghay.

Paul Murphy (TD)

Paul Kerrion, Who will be appearing in court later this month on similar charges.

Crowds of between 100 to 150 People came out to support this rally.

One man told Prime Bling (PB) Your favorite on line digital entertainment guide, That he was disgusted the way Ireland is been ruined and ran. He strongly believes that Joan Burton, and members of the Irish Police Force ( An Gardai Siochanna) Should face criminal court proceedings for the lies that they allegedly told during this case.

The message at this rally today was simple they want all the people who were charged with these alleged offences to be dropped including that of a 17 Year old boy who was convicted last year here in Dublin City. This boy was only 15 Years of age when it was alleged he took part in this kidnapping, and or false imprisonment of Joan Burton and her assistant during a water protest in Tallaght.

There where no Gardai Officers at this rally today in Dame Street.

This event ended at 2.45 pm.

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The list of speakers above was the list (PB) Was given to work on if we missed anyone, or made any mistake we do apologize.

Tomorrow 2nd July 2017 you can catch all the above speakers, plus more at the Tivoli Theater, Here on Francis Street from 2:pm this is a free event and its been hosted by Solitary the left Alternative.

Image Credit: Prime Bling.




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