Public Peaceful Protest Hits Dublin City

Its nearly one year to the day and date that saw people come out to the streets of Dublin City to protest over the way Irish Water (IW) was been set up and the way they wanted to charge for it.

That day was Saturday 23rd January 2016.

Its now Saturday 21st January 2017 its a little past 2:pm when I arrive outside Heuston Train station here in Dublin City. I’m here because this is a meeting point for anyone who either live’s on the south side of the city and its a place where people who some of them travelled up from the country on the train to take part in what was now becoming known as the peoples protest.

There is a fairly decent crowd here in numbers I would say about 500 plus. As I arrived they were just leaving the train station area and I took up my place at the front of the march.

Unlike a previous march that I was at at the start of this year in Dublin City this march had plenty of Garda personal including a motorcyclist who was going ahead and directing and stopping traffic. There was also a Garda van and a Garda car at the end of the march with flashing lights.

We set about walking the walk back in towards the city center. We marched firstly on to Wolf Tone Quay then proceed on to Arran Quay. While we walked on the crowd sang out chants and some speakers where speaking in to megaphones encouraging the crowd with chants and slogans.

Chants like this, Kenny In Your Political Tower This Is What We Call People Power. Also you could hear songs like You Can Shove Your Water Meters Up Your Arse, also chanting s like The Banks Got Bailed Out We Got Sold Out.

As we progressed down the quays we stopped outside the four courts. As well as plenty of flags, banners, there was also coffin prop box been carried in the crowd and this was one of the items to be put directly outside the court house along with main banners from groups.

While we all stood outside the four courts one could not help to wonder this could be one of those places where many a people could of lost their homes to the banks.

While I approached this building what did I see between the columns of this iconic building was a sleeping bag, cardboard put on to the ground to act as a sleeping board to protect who ever was sleeping there from the cold etc

We made our way down on to what is known as Arran Quay Chambers then we made our way across Capel street bridge where we all stopped and waited on another crowd that was coming from north of the city that met at Connolly train station.

It was just a little past when they arrived and a huge big cheer went out, together we then marched up on to Wellington Quay then out to Parliament Street, then on to Dame Street. The crowd suddenly grew in numbers and if one was to put a figure at them we could of easily been looking at 5,000 plus.

We all ended up at the Central Bank here on Dame street where a truck was awaiting the arrival of us. When I got to the truck there was some musicians on the back playing which was now our stage.

There was no political parties at this meeting the speakers at this event where just normal people from all across the board who either lost their homes or became victim’s through no fault of their own with becoming homeless. As each person took to the stage each person brought us on a journey with their personal and sometimes a very sad story.

This march was organised for all that is becoming our country. It covered homeless, it covered hospital overcrowding, it covered fracking, it covered water meteors and Irish water (IW) it covered Vulture Funds, It covered injustice against people from all over the island of Ireland. It covered greed by greedy business people, it covered alleged corruption against a solicitor, it covered what is sadly becoming modern Ireland today.

We also heard about the great men who gave their lives in the Irish Easter Rising one needs to ask is this what they gave their life for?

Is This The Ireland That They Would Of Wanted?

This meeting was hosted by a group known as Crumlin Says No To Water Meteors And Water Charges

This Is a list of the people who was on stage today all names listed below where given to Prime Bling (PB) and if we left out anyone we did not intently

Paul Scanall

Neil Mc Threlamb

Stephen Murphy

Mike Gavin

Claire Knowles

Ashling Lowe

Davina Reilly

There was also letters read out by members of a family who are related to the little girl who was murdered in Ireland in the 1970’s. This little girl went missing then was found dead in the 70’s. No one was ever brought to justice for this little girl who is known as Mary Boyle.

The letter that was readout was addressed as an open letter which was sent to the head of a political party here in Ireland known as Fianna Fail (FF) and to its current leader Micheal Martin, who was sent a letter last October 2016.

A copy of these letters will follow on Prime Bling (PB) For digital publication.


Despite allege efforts to invite media to cover this event it would appear that apart from a small percentage of people with camera they owned etc there was no media coverage covering this event.

However there was a separate march in the city today and that was covered by the media that represents Irish Television Broadcasting Stations and or news media outlets.

Video’s will follow shortly of today’s meeting and at the stage area.

At the protest and the stage event comes to an end.

Image Credit: Alan Finn


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  1. Alan I have to correct you on the organisers of this event. Crumlun Says NO to Water Meters and Charges did not organise, we merely took part.

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