Public Housing For all Campaign Launch in Dublin City

A public meeting has been called for next Saturday 26th November 2016 in Dublin City to highlight the crisis we have with homelessness here in Ireland. This meeting will happen at 1:pm In Unite The Unions HQ, on Middle Abbey Street, here in Dublin City. Speakers will include Irish TD Mick Wallace, housing activists Nikki O’Brien, Anthony Flynn from Intercity Helping Homeless, and Brian Leeson. The text below is taken from original document taken from social media pages.

Housing and Homeless Services are in crisis.

Private Landlords who already enjoy the massive financial benefits of a succession of neo liberal housing policies from all of the establishment parties are set to increase rents over the next few months by 25%.

House purchasing prices are dramatically increasing and the only development going on are for high end buyers and definitely not “affordable” to minimum wage and average middle income earners.

Banks are forcing the sale of “buy to let’s” and family homes in arrears as legislation to do so now compliments properties moving into positive equity.

The “crisis” is perpetual and set to worsen.

In fact the “crisis” is now an EMERGENCY !

We are not prepared to sit back and watch Kenny and Covenney squander tax payers money on an illusion of resolution !

We are not prepared to sit back and watch as they transfer miles of public land into private hands and we are not prepared to simply write slogans for catchy posters or loudhailer slogans.

We have researched the issue,identified the problem,exposed those responsible and now we are about to bring the solution into the public arena.

Join us for the launch of our housing initiative next Saturday 26 November from pm in Unite the Unions Head Office “Public Housing For All”

Hear from South East Coast Housing Activist Nikki O Brien, Inner City Helping Homelessness Anthony Flynn and Independent Irish TD Mick Wallace together with Brian Leeson how this crisis that is a consequence of political decisions is an emergency and a new approach is needed to bring about a new system to resolve it.

All Welcome.

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