Protest Outside Garda Station In Dublin City

Protest Outside Garda Station: By Alan Finn.

Its Friday 21st October 2016 and in a children’s courthouse in Smithfield here in Dublin City, a case is underway. A crowd of supporters are on hand outside the court house to lend their support to the now (17) year old youth who is awaiting his faith as he is known as one of the Jobstown 27. This 17 year old youth has been up in this court house previously and today he will learn of his faith. He is facing a possible custodial sentence if he is found guilty. The charge against this youth is one of false imprisonment against a political figure Joan Burton and her adviser Karen O’Connell, who were trapped in two Garda cars at a protest in Jobstown Tallaght Dublin City, on the 15th November 2014.

As the morning wears on word begins to filter through that this youth has been found guiltily. The media goes into a spin as does social media pages. The youth has escaped a prison sentence and a criminal record but has been found guilty. The judge in this case John King found the youth guilty as the youth’s defense team tried to have the case thrown out of court. At present the youth’s defense team are going to appeal this decision and time can only tell if this ruling will stand.

Its a little past 5 pm and the traffic in and around Crumlin an area here in Dublin City is beginning to build up. I arrive at the crossroad directly outside a Garda Station, aka Irish Police station. Because of the guilty verdict a few public demonstrations had been called to protest outside Garda Stations in and around the Dublin area. A protest has been called on social media urging people to attend. I arrived at Sundrive Road Garda station to be greeted by about 10 to 15 local people who are very angry about the court hearing. These people have banners with them they split up in to smaller groups and place themselves around the junction. A crowd of about 6 stand directly outside the main gates of the Garda station.

Looking out are members of the Garda Siochanna, aka Irish Police Force who come out to see what all the fuss is about have a quick look and retreat back inside and shut the main doors locking themselves inside when they realize what is going on. While I was outside the gates I noticed two members of the public try and gain access to this Garda station, neither of them get in despite one of these banging on the windows of the Garda Station. The sign outside the door in this Garda station clearly states that this Garda station is opened from 7:am to 9: pm.

Passing motorists began to notice the protesters and some show their support by beeping and some shout out words of encouragement. People passing by stop and have a chat with the protesters. Leaflets are also been given out to motorists to drum up support for the Jobstown 27.

This protest lasted just over one hour and it ended at a little past 6:PM. Tomorrow a rally will take place in Dublin City in support of the Jobstown 27.


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