Protest at Donegal County Coroners Surgery Called For By the Justice For Mary Boyle.

A public protest has been called for by the family and friends of what is known here in Ireland as The Justice For Mary Boyle. This event will happen on Saturday March 10th 2018 from 10:am till 1:pm outside the county coroners surgery, Millbrae Co Donegal.

The text below is from the original invite which is been circulated at the moment from The Justice For Mary Boyle fb page.

To Commemorate the 41st Anniversary of Marys Murder we are organizing a protest on Saturday the 10th of March, 2018 outside the surgery of Donegal County Coroner, Dr Denis McAuley, to protest the fact that he is denying Mary her basic human right of an inquest, we will also be handing over a physical copy of an online petition which currently has 8 thousand plus signatures…

Please sign the petition below:

Please sign and share so we can have more for when the time comes

Additional Information.

Please bring Purple ribbons and even teddy bears and children’s dolls which we will leave outside the surgery… Banners demanding an inquest are of course welcome but please do not bring along any individual political party or campaigns banners, anyone who wishes to do a speech from any party or campaign can of course introduce themselves as coming from said Party or Campaign but we want to make this as much about Mary as possible .. banners for other murdered / Missing people are very much welcome


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Image Credit: Justice For Mary Boyle fb page.

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