Prime Bling Says Welcome To the Fugues band.

The Fugues band are a four piece indie rock group who are based in Belfast, and only very recently 8th February 2019, released their new video for their current release, Lady In Pink. Lady in Pink will also be available to download on spotify from the 15th of this month check out the links below.

So who are the Fugues band?

The Fugues – Bio

Vocals/Guitar – Kaelan Power

Guitar/Vocals – Kevin Doherty

Bass/Keyboard – Peter Murphy

Drums – AJ Lynn

the Fugues are an indie-rock band based in Belfast. Influenced by the indie and pop-rock music of the 90s and 2000s, their colourful tones and vibrant melodies create a pacey, bright sound. Like if Pete Doherty ate Blur! At the forefront of the heart-warming melodies are the lyrics about life, luck and love in the 21st Century.
Driving the four-piece is their craving for moments of connection between audience and performer. Through their music they create the opportunity to not take themselves too seriously. This is shown by the music video for their debut single Early Mornings, which answers the all important question of who would win out a chase between a banana and a gorilla. Each one of the band’s music videos has been written by the members of the band themselves.

The Fugues have released five singles to date, with various pursuits for interesting creations. These range from a verse spoken in French by their bilingual front man in Sunshine, to an eight-minute attempt at mixing rock and roll with Pink Floyd-like psychedelia in Rubber Ego/Indigo Go. Their debut single Early Mornings set them off to a good start, with radio plays on Beat FM and BBC Radio Ulster’s “Across The Line”. What started out as a story of songwriters Kevin and Kaelan’s first experiences with hangovers quickly turned into a narrative of those quiet moments in life that separate you from an ever busy world. Long Time Waiting is a more raucous affair; a shout out to all those who don’t want to have to sit idly by and fit in with the system.

Their single Stephen is centered around its major, jangly melodies contrasted with deeper lyrics depicting a character hiding in their cell of mental health, making it both a call for help and a call to action.

 Lady In Pink is one of the Fugues’ more introspective songs, filled with the usual colorful tones and melodic guitar lines often associated with their music. With lyrics driven by the fear of mediocrity, the song’s message is one of individuality and dreaming big. A new dimension has been added to the music in this track with the introduction of their new drummer. A pacey fusion of passionate vocals, vibrant guitar lines and driving bass, Lady In Pink is a song for all to take inspiration from. Out 8th February!

“The future of Rock and Roll!” (Stuart Bailie – BBC Ulster)

“An Indie band with plenty of great melodies, smart lyrics and a fine ear for contrast and arrangement.” (Neil March – Trust the Doc)

“biting indie viciousness with poppy undertones that won the heart of the local scene” (Chord-blossom)

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