Prime Bling Says Welcome To The Bounty.

Here at Prime Bling (PB) Your favorite on line digital entertainment guide we are delighted to welcome Irish Group The Bounty. These four lads from Waterford and Cork certainly know a thing or two about their style of music and they really put on a good live show. So Blingers lets say a big welcome to the lads lets meet The Bounty.

The Bounty are:

Sean Whelan – Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals & Producer.
Andrew O’Riordan – Lead Vocals & Acoustic Guitar.
Barry Meaney – Bass Guitar. &
Adam Clarke – Percussion.

Their genre of music is alternative rock, indie rock and classic rock style.

Cork City Band.
Record Label
Lean As When Studios.
(Quick Bio:)
The Bounty is an original alt rock band based in Cork/Waterford. They utilize intricate rhythmic arrangements coupled with an energetic stage presence. The Bounty is a four piece original Alt-Rock band based in Cork. Members of the band are from both Waterford and Cork and met during their time in CSN’s ‘Music, Management and Sound’ course. The Bounty have a unique sound moulded by influences from indie, blues, funk and classic rock. The Bounty have an energetic stage presence and utilize intricate rhythmic arrangements.
You can follow The Bounty On face book, and on you tube here is a link to their face book page why not give their page a like and a following ( )
The Bounty will be releasing a single in September 2018 and they will be releasing their album in March of next year.
Very recently The Bounty traveled up to Dublin to support a community gig in the Fatima Area, titled Flanagan’s Fields Music Festival these lads can certainly hold themselves very well on the stage. They preformed very well and their presence was really felt. Not one of the local people who turned up for this event felt disappointed after their show the lads just rocked it. If the recent gig is anything to go by (PB) Can see big things happening for these guys it wont be long before they will be headlining and selling out venues they just have something very unique about them.
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