Prime Bling Says Welcome To Johner O’Brien.

Prime Bling (PB) Is delighted to say welcome to Dubliner Johner O’Brien. Johner who is a native of Clondalkin here in Dublin popped down to Fatima today to have a catch up with (PB) and he also brought his mate Eddie Dooner along. Eddie is apart of Johner’s production team.

We arranged to meet up at the Fatima Luas Stop then did a quick photo shoot in the area. Johner has been very busy lately and is promoting his debut album ” The Missing Pieces, which will be released this coming September here in Ireland. Only last Friday 12th July he released his latest single ” Fire, the 3rd single from that album, which saw it already been streamed over 1,000 times on spotify alone. His 2nd release was titled ” Enough Is Enough, while his 1st single to be released  was ” I said it from the start.

Johner likes to take inspiration from the likes of gospel and soul and loved the likes of the 1990’s group Boys to Men. As a younger lad he was in boy band which was titled ” Exclusive, and was already playing in venues such as the Button Factory in Temple Bar and the Tivoli Center here in Dublin.

Johner does live videos most nights on his fb page. He is also flying over to London tomorrow afternoon to participate in the Voice UK, this will be his second time to audition for this show after succeeding his first audition which were held here in Dublin a few weeks ago.

Only very recently Johner teamed up with USA native Gabriel Paradox, and did a track with him.

Johner, was also featured as a special guest on a radio show here in Dublin. The radio station which is called Dublin City FM 103.2 which is hosted by DJ Fabio, No stranger to us at (PB). The show which was a great success saw a great hive of activity as fans of Johner’s tuned in to listen. There was also a live video of the show recorded. Also joining Johner, and DJ Fabio, was Cork Native David Punch aka Punchy.

You can follow and like Johner’s fb page. Here is a link to his page ( )

You can also follow and or download Johner’s album and or singles on spotify, Deezer, Google Play, i tunes, Amazon to name a few. You can also follow him on Instagram.

Image Credits: Prime Bling.

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  1. I am johner no1 he is a fantastic singer that wrote his own song that are fantastic they are about real life so I can relate to them like many others that listing to him wish you the best of luck in all you do cause I no you are going to make it to America and make it big good luck tomorrow

  2. Johner in an amazing person and has come so far and is such an inspiration to a lot of ppl out there not only is he singing an writing his own songs but it is doing it all on his own wit no fame behind him an putting a lot of time an effort into wat he does he deserves everything 👌🏻🔥

  3. Johnner is a sound guy ,amazing lyrics to his song doing very well for him self .well proud of u bud keep up the good work and ur looking great in the photos

  4. Johner is a nice, friendly caring guy.
    When i first heard his first sing Enough is Enough it helped me battle my own personal issues i was having in my life.
    Some day i wil meet johner i wil thank him.
    Johner sings from the heart i love listen to his new songs..

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