Prime Bling says welcome to Avelina.

Prime Bling (PB) Your favorite on line digital entertainment guide is delighted to welcome Avelina who hail and are from Dublin City. Avelina, will be dropping their first single titled ” Bones to Minds at a launch in Dublin’s East Side Tarven on Lessons Street on Wednesday 23rd May.

So Blingers lets meet Avelina:

Avelina are:

Avelina Mooney.
Conor Gorman.
Dylan Bourke.
Jamie O’Donoghue.
Adam Curtis.

They take inspiration from the likes of Florence & The Machine, The Cure, & Lana Del Ray to name a few.

( Quick Intro:)

Avelina is a band based in Dublin, with a range of influences from Florence and the Machine, Foals, Placebo,The Cure, Lana Del Ray, The Cranberries.

This collection of musicians are most expressive and passionate with their music at live shows, lyrically dark at times Avelina take their audience on emotive journeys with their original sound.

We are a 5 Piece Irish band based in Dublin, who are best seen live, playing their energetic atmospheric songs.

You can follow Avelina on You Tube or you can download their up and coming single Bones To Mind on spotify. You can also catch them live in the East Side Tarven on Lesson’s Street on Wednesday 23rd May. You can also follow, and give their fb page a like here is a link to their page ( )

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