Press Release From Health Campaigns Coming Together.

Press release:
Health Campaigns Coming Together:

The Still Waiting campaign aims to bring together diverse groups around a common platform to improve Ireland’s health service.

Up to now there have been many different campaigns that have fought on local hospital or individual health issues. We believe that we will be stronger if we come together on a common platform.

The Still Waiting Campaign are calling on health campaigns to come together, as well as unions and political activists to demand much needed reform in our health service. The Campaign will be holding a conference in Liberty Hall, Dublin City, On Saturday January 27th, 2018, From 10am, to discuss a national campaign to demand reform in our health service.

Local Coordinator for the Campaign …….. said, “we have been in this position now to many times, where we see a new record number of people awaiting on trolleys each year, with 677 this month”.

The Still Waiting Campaign aims to be a broad campaign allowing other campaigns to support the objectives while keeping their own autonomy. The objectives of the campaign include Increasing bed capacity to the OECD average, increase front-line staff to pre-crisis levels, restoration of services such as closed A&E departments, as well as moving towards a national health service.

“We have not yet seen the impacts the trolley crisis will have on waiting lists, which will certainly increase because of the trolley crisis, we are asking all health campaigns past, present and future to attend our upcoming conference and help us build towards a national demonstration for decent healthcare”.

Speakers at the event will include International Speaker Adrian Durtschi, A&E Consultant Dr Jim Gray, Paul Bell from Siptu Health Division, INMO General Sectary Phil Ni Sheaghdha and many more.

It is advised to register attendance to

Yours Sincerely
Hazel Robinson.


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