Pensioners For Equality Public Demonstration A Big Hit

Very recently on Wednesday 29th November the group known as Pensioners For Equality held their 2nd protest outside the Irish Government Head Office (HQ) Building known as the Dail here in Dublin City.

At least 200 people turned out for this peaceful protest voicing their anger over cuts to their pensions in some cases up to €30.00 Per Week in line to be cut.

There was plenty of elected members from the Dial out in force including Brid Smith (TD) Who led this march outside the government buildings. Also supporting this demonstration was Joan Collins (TD) . Richard Boyd Barret, Danny Healy, Micheal Collins (Independent) Denise Mitchell (SF) Imelda Munster (SF) Maurice Quillan (SF) Gino Kenny, and Willie O’Dea (FF) And Fiona O’Loughlin (FF) Also made an appearance.

Prime Bling (PB) Your favorite on line digital entertainment guide was also there and we got chatting to many of these people who were out demonstrating. Mary is from the Dublin 12 area, and she said she felt cheated by the government. Some years ago she took up an early retirement on the grounds that the figures were offered to her but she says that these figures have now been changed and she will be worse off if these proposed cuts goes ahead.

The organizers of this event said they were delighted with the big turn out considering there was only about 12 people at their 1st event in May of this year. Also considering the very cold weather the other night it did not stop the people from coming out. They also stated that they will be back with another event in the very near future.

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