New Children’s Hospital Work On Public Site Began’s To Clear Out in Rialto Dublin 8.

Workers have begun to clear away trees and shrubs to start preparing the site for the new children’s hospital entrance gate here in Rialto Dublin 8. For the past few days activity at the top end of Rialto Luas stop, near the old railway bridge has been going non stop during the day as workers there have been busy cutting down trees and clearing the way. There will be an entrance to the new hospital at this spot also near this entrance a helicopter pad will also be built.

This build will take about 3 to 4 years to compete and its hopeful it will be ready for 2020. This build is costing a whopping €700 Million and the design of the build is oval and from the sky it looks like a giant eye.

This will lead to the closure of Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital in Crumlin, Dublin 12, as well as the existing National Children’s Hospital in Tallaght, Dublin 24, and the consolidation of pediatric services at the St James’ site here in Dublin 8.

The new children’s hospital will also operate new satellite campuses in Blanchardstown, Dublin 15, and Tallaght, Dublin 24, which are also expected to be completed in the coming years.

Local business in the area have welcomed this development but some local residents are not feeling quite so positive as they feel that the current parking will only become a nightmare as it stands at the moment people are parking their cars in and around the Fatima & Luas stops and leaving their cars there all day.

Work has already started on this build as far back as last June 2015.

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