National Gathering to be held in Dublin City on Friday 8th December 2017.

On Friday 8th December 2017, campaign and community groups from across the country are coming together.

We want citizens from across the island of Ireland to converge on Dublin and join us!

The initiative wants to bring together the people who are actively campaigning as a result of action or lack of action by the Irish Government.

 Here are just some of the issues facing Ireland.

National Gathering

Friday 8th December 2017

New legislation for excessive usage water charges (charges through the back door)

1000’s of families being evicted and made homeless

1000’s homeless and on housing waiting lists

500K+ people on hospital waiting lists,

1000’s are living in debt struggling to pay rent, bills and mortgages etc

1000’s of thousands emigrating

Poor legislation / laws

Social welfare discrimination for under 25s Water

Water Meters are still going in

The Govt are giving away Ireland’s 9.4 exemption for domestic water charges

CETA Trade deal is being signed

Establishment are tarnishing whistle blowers

Rural Ireland continues to be in decline with farmers, fishermen and SMEs struggling.

There are thousands of volunteers, support networks, campaign and protest groups around Ireland.

We hope everyone will see the National Gathering as their opportunity to increase public of their cause and at the same time, an opportunity to stand together in unity with others and in the hope of radical change.

Why do something? Nothing will change without action, in fact matters are likely to get worse.

Of all the issues impacting the country, the first step to bring about lasting change is getting more power to the people within the political system.

For example, if People-Initiated Referendum were in the political system, it would mean legislation is actually referred to the people before it’s introduced.

 If the people don’t want it, then the legislation is rejected. This is the foundation and common ground among us.

We will meet at the Garden of Remembrance where there will be short speeches from individual voices.

Political party and spin free! & also a bit of poetry and music. This is an opportunity to set up a stall network and share information about your campaigns.

This event is community driven – Everyone Welcome

For more information: See our National Demonstration page on Facebook here is a link (  )  & Twitter.

Let’s come together for the benefit of everyone:

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