March Of Justice Takes Place In Dublin City.

A march which was titled” March Of Justice, took place here in Dublin City, over the weekend. This march happened on Saturday 27th October, meeting firstly at the garden of remembrance then proceeding down to the GPO on O’Connell Street, where there was a podium set up with a full PA system for speakers.

Speakers there included Lorraine Taylor the wife of Tony Taylor, who himself is been held without a trial in a prison in the North Of Ireland, also speaking was Gerard Doyle, who gave his moving account about been homeless.



The march left the garden of remembrance at 1.45pm and headed down on to O’Connell Street the crowd of about 150, followed the leading banner. Up front and leading the march where six men dressed up in prison type boiler suits, with handcuffs, and masks the idea behind these boiler suits was to highlight six prisoners been held in prisons in Northern Ireland. This march also highlighted issues which we see in Ireland on a daily basic including homeless, also highlighting the ongoing use of British internment in Ireland, Miscarriages of justice, The Continued use of Non Jury Courts, The appointment of M15 agent Drew Harris as the Garda Commissioner, Illegal Evictions, The use of Garda response units by landlords in dispute with tenants, Collusion between the Garda and Ex-British army, loyalists paramilitaries in family homes evictions. The erosion of citizens rights to free assembly and the right to protest, State coverups and corruptions.

This march was also in support of various public campaigns we had The Mary Boyle campaign been represented, as well as family members from The John Kelly campaign, sister Emma Kelly, also attended, we also seen representatives from the campaign Justice For The Craigavon Two, among others.

The march headed down O’Connell Street where onlookers looked on totally surprised then it turned right beside Abbey Street junction and went back up O’Connell Street before stopping outside the GPO where there was a PA system set up more people seem to join the march outside the GPO.

One of the organizers of this event Trevor Conolon, said he was delighted with the turn out and went on to say that people from all over Ireland traveled to be here and he would like to thank each and everyone who made it to Dublin for this event. Other organizers of this march were Pól o Scanaill, Frank Nolan, & Patrick Murphy.

Also in support of this march where Republican groups, (Csf) (Irsp) (Irnc) (Irpc) and Rsf.

Image Credits: Prime Bling.

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