Man Running Thirty Marathons in Thirty Days To Raise Awareness On The Struggle of Homeless.

A man who is running thirty marathons in thirty days is doing it to raise awareness with the struggles of homeless. Mark Conlon, is today on his 6th run and was in Clontarf here in Dublin. Mark will continue to run these marathons till he gets answers off Irish Politicians.

The text below was sourced from original fb page:

Mark Conlon is on his 6th Marathon in 6 days today in Clontarf to raise awareness of the struggle of the #homeless and will continue a marathon a day for as long as he needs or until he gets some answers from politicians.

Fancy helping getting Mark an interview to help him in his quest to get the real homeless issue raised at government level ?

I’m helping Mark with a video to show politicians , but he is also trying to raise some funds for the Peter McVerry Trust , link here:…/11369810_marathonadayforpetermcver…

Mark explains that his struggle to do an indefinite amount of marathons a day is nothing in comparison to the struggle of the homeless people every day.

I personally haven’t even done 1 marathon , if you have any concept of this feat Mark took on then please leave Mark a comment and share the post please.

#amarathonadaybymark #petermcverrytrust


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