Love Your Heart Love Your Health Love Yourself Free Day in St Andrews Community Center Rialtlo.

St Andrews Community Center in Rialto Village, will be hosting a free day of health awareness on Wednesday 14th February 2018, ( St Valentines Day) from 10:am till 2:pm. As well as giving out free advise on heart pressure you can also have a free head, back massage. Other treatments are also available including Reflexology, Acupuncture, Indian Head Massage, Aura Soma Readings, etc You can also get advice on your sleeping patterns how your diet can effect your sleep, Blood Pressure Checks, etc

There will be also indoor fencing and indoor rowing exhibitions on the day too.

If you are interested in attending you can contact Craig in St Andrews Community Center, on 01-4530-744 or Helen on 086-8150-968.

This event is also sponsored by (DCC) Dublin City Council in association with RDA.

Image Credit: Original Invite.


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