Juicy Lucy by Craig Anderson.

Fancy a home made burger? Then you will love the Juicy Lucy, our blogger Craig Anderson will show you how to create this whopper using his own very unique recipe step by step, in this first series of cooking, baking, recipes, and preparations, take it away Craig.

Juicy Lucy Burgers

Serves 4

Prep time: 15 minutes

Cook time: 15 – 20 minutes

What you’ll need:

For the burgers

2kg of beef mince (ask for 80% meat to 20% fat for a juicy burger)

Half a cup of breadcrumbs

1 egg

Quarter of an onion chopped (optional)

4 slices of easy singles cheese


  • Place the beef, breadcrumbs, egg and onion into a bowl and combine until everything is incorporated. Should be sticky to the touch.
  • Take the mixture and divide it into 8 quarter pound burgers.
  • Take two burgers and place them side by side.
  • Create a small well in one burger by gently squashing the centre with a spoon.
  • Take a slice of cheese (Any kind will do, but easy single cheddar is the best for gooey cheese) and fold it twice until you have a small cube of cheese.
  • Add the cheese into the well of the burger and place the second burger on top. Seal the sides by pinching them with your fingers. (This is an important step, as you don’t want the burger to leak out the precious cheese.)


Add a small amount of oil to a pan and allow it to become smoking hot. Add the burgers and cook until completely cooked through. Once cooked, assemble your burgers with whatever toppings you like, except for cheese and serve piping hot. Be careful with the first bite, as cheese will ooze out and could potentially burn your lip or tongue.


Once you’ve cooked an ordinary Juicy Lucy there are a ton of ingredients to add to really up your burger game. For instance, adding a small few diced jalapeno peppers to your cheese will give you a Juicy Lucifer. Substitute beef with turkey and add pepper sauce to the well to make a Saucy Lucy. Or even add more than one kind of cheese to the well and enjoy a Double Lucy.

Image Sourced From Google Images.

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