Jobstown Protesters Found Not Guilty In Dublin City

The trial involving some of the accused in what has been known here in Ireland as the Jobstown 27, has reached verdict’s today of not guilty

TD Paul Murphy, along with several other men Kieran Mahon, Micheal Murphy, Scott Matterson, Frank Donghay, and Micheal Banks, All from Tallaght, Were told by the judge residing this case, Melanie Greally, that they were free to leave the court today at a little past after less than three hours of deliberations.

The 1st accused to be excused was Solitary TD Paul Murphy, before the juror woman announced the rest of the verdicts.

Dubbed a media circus here in Ireland this case has been going on for a number of months starting in April of 2017. It alleged the men were accused of kidnapping the then leader of the Irish labor party, Joan Burton, and her then assistant Karen O’Connell who were at a ceremony in Tallaght in November 2014.

When they left the building she and her party were prevented from leaving the area when local water protesters sat in front of their cars preventing them from driving away from the area.

This then resulted in a stand off between local water protesters, The Gardai, Joan Burton and her party.

Today’s verdict see’s the start of ending of what has been dubbed a waste of tax payers money and a media circus here in Ireland as this case has been going on for the past two months.

A public demonstration, meeting has been called in support of this verdict, and to drop the last of these charges relating to what is known as the Jobstown 27. This meeting is to happen this Saturday 1st July 2017, Outside the central bank, here in Dublin City at  

Celebrations will be held in Molly’s Pub in Tallaght Village from today.


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