Its Our 1st Birthday

Its our 1st birthday here at Prime Bling (PB) Your favorite on line digital entertainment guide. Today we are up one year and we just want to say a big thank you to all our readers not only here in Ireland but across the globe to USA and beyond. We had a great year and we hope to have many more.

Some favorite post on (PB)

Number 1.

Is a young man from the Dublin 8 area by the name of Patrick Brenann. As you may recall Patrick bounced on to (PB) Showing us all his tricks using what is known as baton twirling. Patrick is on top of his game and has won many a competitions we at (PB) Can see big things happening for this young man.

Number 2.

Hollywood A Stars Comes To Rialto. When (PB) Broke this story last year not only were we the first ones to cover it in the Dublin 8 areas but we had the best images as the press were not given access to this set. Two of Hollywood’s top actors came to our area and they included Sean Penn and Mel Gibson. When this story broke it caused a big stir in the social media world. Ratings flew up and broke all records the article had more shares than anything we at (PB) Previously seen. During its first 24 hours via fb it reached nearly 4,000 hits and today not only is it still rising we still are getting likes and shares on the post nearly ten months later.

We at (PB) Have seen many surprises on stories when it came to posts going up. Local news seems to be a big hit with us and you. So much for the local ones another big surprises for us was that of a local business in our series called Isn’t this great for Dublin 8, J&R Bros Barbers Shop who base from the Fatima area. This post went straight in to the top spot and peaked in at number two for ages. It also got more likes than any other posts and again caused a huge stir in figures, likes,and shares on our social media pages well done Jamie & Richie.

We hope to do better for year two and beyond thank you for allowing us to work together.We would also like to say a big thank you to Richmond Web Designers for all the work they did in the back ground including all the web designing, and making sure (PB) Was able to preform, and preform well. Cheers from everyone in (PB)

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