Isn’t this great for Dublin 8 say hello to Rom Massey on Dolphins Barn

Isn’t this great for Dublin 8 is back with part seven of this very popular series. We say hello to Neal and all the staff at Rom Massey’s & Sons Funeral Home who branch out of their premises in nearby 1/3 Dolphins Barn, just off Cork Street here in the Dublin 8 area.

Normally here on Prime Bling (PB) Your favorite on line digital entertainment guide when we do a feature on a local business we tend to ask readers to try out their produce but today we won’t but we will ask you to consider their services in the future.

Life & Death:

Some of us don’t like talking or thinking about the time when we will pass over, but lets be honest here it will happen some day, maybe not today, tomorrow, but it will call upon us so what will happen then.

So what happens when we die?

Who takes care of us who takes responsibly to see that our wishes are carried out in a dignified way?

Well the answer there has to be a undertaker who works in this very delicate but caring business.

Rom Massey & Sons up there on Dolphins Barn here in the Dublin 8 area has been looking after our passed loved ones since they set up their shop in 1992. Rom and his son Neal have been tending to the local community needs when they are requested and no wonder they handle each request with such delicacy, compassion, and tenderness, after all each request has different needs.

Neal is the man who is running the shop now up there on Dolphin’s Barn and has been running it very well for the past number of years. Neal has a rota of local people employed which includes 4 full time staff and 10 part timers.

On their premises on the barn they have several rooms set up which are known as viewing rooms this is where grieving families can go and see their loved ones in their hand picked, crafted, caskets, coffins. This room is free and there are no extra charges fees for this set up.

It doesn’t matter what kind of budget you have Rom Massey & Sons will work with you as a team. You see from their family to yours.

You can pick out a hand crafted coffin, casket, for your loved one on their premises they have a coffin, casket, show room at the back of their premises. You can also arrange to have horse and carriage to take your loved ones to the church or the graveyard instead of the original, traditional, black hearse with the see through glass panelings on each side.

Need extra hearses to accommodate your family? Well that wont be a problem all requests will be handled and catered for.

There is a load of background work been carried out at each funeral home that we the grieving public would not see on a daily basic like your loved one been embalmed and prepared for their final resting place, and or coffin. They will also dress your loved one in their favorite item of clothing as well as doing their make up and styling their hair if requested etc etc.

All coffins, caskets, sold on their premises on the barn are made here in Ireland by a firm known as Finally who are based in Argadh Co Louth.


Did you know you can plan, pay, your own funeral in advance?

If you are thinking of talking care of your business after you pass on you can actually plan, and pay for it either in one lump some of by the month like a direct debit or drop in to Neal and his staff they will guide you to the best plan using what is called the Golden Charter Plan. The good news doesn’t stop there if you take out a plan from golden charter you are guaranteed to get the plan at today’s rates and your premium, plan, would never rise despite increases in business rates.

By talking out a golden charter plan you will have full control over your funeral arrangements and if you have any special wishes to be buried at any special cemetery or to be cremated and your ashes scatted any place you wish. Also by talking out a golden charter plan through Rom Massey’s on Dolphins Barn you are not leaving any finical burdens on your loved ones relieving them of any stresses in their bereavement of your loss. They can also arrange to have your loved one death notice either in the national paper and or on line at 

Rom Massey and Sons don’t only offer their services when it comes to bereavements and or deaths, they also offer cars for weddings, horse and carriages, for special occasions, including holy Communions, They also do wreaths, flower sprays, headstones, and they can arrange to have what is known as the death grant applied and paid to them directly by the state should you lose a family member if they are receiving, or you are on social welfare payment plus many other services.

Rom Massey’s & Sons are situated on Dolphins Barn Road here in the Dublin 8 area just of Cork Street they have a 24 hour telephone line and its open 365 days a year.

You can contact Rom Massey & Sons here on Dolphins Barn Road, office hours 01-4538-888 Or telephone their 24 hour number on 1800-902-859

Here is a link to their web page at

Rom Massey & Sons are a family run business and have plenty of premises around Dublin City. Check out their info at end of page to locate a store near you.

From their family to your family.

Info below sourced from Rom Massey’s & Sons Official Web Page.

Extra Info On Rom Massey & Sons

Our firm, Rom Massey and Sons, was established by Rom, the son of Patrick Massey Funeral Director, of The Coombe, Dublin 8, who opened his first Funeral Home in the 1930’s. Rom has built his reputation on creating a firm that encompasses tradition, integrity, and compassion, combined with personal supervision and care, delivered at the highest standards possible, although in the most cost effective way.

Rom has a long-standing career of almost 60 years in the funeral industry in Ireland. He has accumulated comprehensive knowledge on all aspects of the funeral business, which he has gained from his professional experience as a funeral director, combined with his experience from being the former owner of Mount Jerome Cemetery, and also the co-founder of Mount Jerome Crematorium.  He is a former president of both the Irish Association of Funeral Directors, and the British Institute of Embalmers.

Neal and Keith Massey, having completed degrees at UCD, both entered into the firm continuing in the tradition of their father and grandfather, whilst incorporating the changing beliefs and culture of funerals. As third generation Funeral Directors, we can provide our clients with the vast experience that only a family owned funeral home can provide.  Our priority is to ensure that your wishes and those of the deceased are always put first.

We, and our experienced staff, offer a professional and honest service tailored to your individual requirements, with attention to detail, and exceptional quality at any budget. We are members of the Irish Association of Funeral Directors (IAFD) and we adhere to the Code of Practise of the IAFD, assuring our clients that a high standard is always maintained.

We offer our funeral service throughout Dublin City and County, and we are available to come to your home, if convenient, for all the necessary arrangements and planning. We also have offices and funeral homes at the following locations;

  • 1-3 Dolphin’s Barn, SCR, Dublin 8, D08 N2X7, phone 01 453 8888 (see inside)
  • Cranford Centre, Stillorgan Road, Dublin 4, D04 X446, phone 01 283 7006 (photos soon)
  • 1 St. Mobhi Road, Dublin 9, D09 N5TK, phone 01 836 7700 (see inside)
  • The Civic Centre, Ballymun, Dublin 9, D09 C8P5, phone 01 836 7700 (see inside)

We are always available to you at your time of need.

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