Is The Irish State Spending Spending To Much for Too Little

Last year (2016) it was reported by RTE News that it cost the state €16.5 Million, to house the homeless in temporary accommodation in and across our island of Ireland in (2015)

These figures include cash spent from local housing authorities, including Dublin City Council (DCC) Fingal County Council, South Dublin Council, and Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Councils.

This cash was injected into hotels, emergency accommodation, & B+B’s. In the same report it was reported that there was (769) Families living in these accommodation’s including (1,570 children).

Last Week it was reported in the Star Newspaper that the state last year (2016 ) spent a staggering €43.5 Million in putting up asylum seekers in our country. The centers that had a share of this windfall include the former holiday center in Meath, Mosney Holiday plc, and East Coast Catering, who each took in a massive pay out of around €7.Million each along with 6 other firms netting themselves payouts from €2. Million to €6. Million. At the time of these payouts there where (4,619) asylum seekers living here in Ireland been cared for by the state.

By adding up the two amounts of cash spent from the two different but yet the same kind of accommodation needs we have a figure of about €60. Million, per year.

Why throw away that amount and not even get ownership of any buildings that are been used to house the homeless, and or the asylum seekers.

For €60. Million per year our local housing authorities could easily build massive builds which in return they will get to keep the builds and rent them out as housing stock helping to keep down the number of people waiting to be housed on housing lists. The local authorities could all just come together work as a team and help fix our countries problems when it comes to housing the homeless and or over seeing the asylum seekers.

I don’t see it a priority to house the asylum seekers in their own little villages (if you like ) when people need at a later stage to be mixing why separate asylum seekers when they do get citizenship they have to go out and mix it doesn’t make any sense OK, I’m aware certain guide lines have to be followed with asylum seekers and they have to be checked out etc

But maybe we are gonging the wrong way with this way of doing things, maybe these guidelines where put into place in the 1990’s and at that time it may looked better than it did today. I don’t know how long each asylum application takes but the longer it takes the more its going to cost the tax payer who may like me like to see our cash gonging on something more constructive like housing the homeless.

Many asylum seekers are here to stay and many are escaping horror backgrounds such as war, drought, in their own countries, etc

By separating them when they get here is probably not a great idea we are giving them the impression its OK not to mix when we should be encouraging them to live, mix, in our system and our country.

€ 60. Million a year is way to much to be spending and getting no housing stock back in return. All we are doing is trying to put a plaster on a wound that needs to be stitched and bandaged. By bringing all the local authorities together and building as a team we will definitely see results and we can even train our young apprentices and send them on their way with a trade now what would be wrong in that?.

Do you think we should drop a staggering €60. Million a year into something that has to be done every year or should we drop €60. Million per year into something that will make a difference.

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