Irish Singer: Mary Byrne.


Mary Byrne Profiled: On Prime Bling                                                               

Mary Hometown is Dublin City.

Her Star Sign is Scorpio.

Status Signed.

Mary Byrne, came in to the main public spotlight when she entered the, X-Factor in 2010, it was the X-Factor’s (7th) Seventh show. Mary made it all the way to the semi finals before she was voted out on a live show.

Mary was born in Dublin City, Ireland. She was born on the 3rd November 1959. Mary,is from an area called Ballyfermot, in Dublin City.  Mary has one daughter Debbie, who she raised alone with the help of her parents. Mary, worked as a checkout cashier in, “Tesco Ireland, at the branch, in “Ballyfermot Dublin 10. Mary worked on till number 40, she worked there for nearly 11 years. It was on this till Mary, would sing away to the staff, who would tell her to shut up if she sang for too long. The customers, who heard her said they loved to hear Mary sing.

After a failed relationship, at the age of 28,  Mary stopped singing and gave up chasing her dream.

But In 2005, she returned to singing in pubs, with her brother Tommy, using the stage name, “The Tommy Lee Experience.

In 2008, Mary entered a show on Irish television station, TG4, the show was called Christmas Number 1, aka Nollaigh No 1, it was an all Irish language show, singing in Irish. Mary entered the show using a stage name called Mary Lee, Mary won the competition, the song she won the competition was called  Siúil Leat” aka in English, You will Never walk alone, the Liverpool football team Anthem song.

Mary, entered  “The X-Factor Show in 2010. During her audition she informed the judges she always wanted to be a singer, but had very low self esteem which was effecting her confidence. She impressed the judges with her version of the song called, “I Who Have Nothing,  which was recorded by Welsh singer s” Shirley Bassey, and Tom Jones, to name a couple but the original recording was by, “ Ben E King.

Her input of that song was so good she was put through the next rounds. Her audition was in Dublin City, & Simon Cowell, said it was one of the best performance he had seen in Dublin. The four judges on that day was Simon Cowell, Katy Perry, Louis Walsh and Cheryl Cole, as she was known as. Mary’s competition number on that day  was “231254, Mary manged to get the full 4 votes of the 4 judges.

While at the judges house, Mary preformed ” Cold-play’s ( Fix You ) and was put through to the live finals, even though she forgot a few words to the song. While Mary, battled her way through the X-Factor her employer Tesco Ireland, started a campaign to persuade all staff to support her. This campaign worked and pushed Mary, ahead in favor of the public votes.

On the very first live show, Mary, gained most public votes by singing a, “James Brown Classic Song, called, It’s A Mans, Mans Man’s, World. The audience gave Mary, a standing ovation after the performance and it turned out that round of applause was the longest round of the applause in that series on the X-Factor.

Mary, was in the ‘Final Showdown, not once but twice. “The first time she was in the bottom three (3 ) with fellow contestants, Wagner, and Katie Waissel.

 As Waissel, received the lowest votes she was automatically eliminated leaving Mary, to battle against, Wagner in the Final Showdown.

The following week she was in the bottom two with another contender, “Cher Lloyd. This was when Mary, was eliminated from the show by the judges. This later became very controversial, as the show stated that the contestant with, the fewer public votes would be eliminated, but it turned out that Mary, in fact had more votes than Cher Lloyd.

Mary performed a total of fifteen (15 ) different songs, on thirteen (13)  occasions in front of the judges:


Mary Byrne, has been going from strength to strength, after the X-Factor hype died down, Mary signed a record deal with Sony Music Ireland. It was during this time that Mary, began working on her debut album, titled, Mine & Yours. The album was released in Ireland on the 25th March 2011, and in England in the same month.

Mary, released her debut single of that album, titled, I Just Call You Mine, originally by Martina McBride’s. This was well received here in Ireland and got a great play on Irish radio stations. The fans liked it so much that Sony Music Ireland, were flooded with requests to make the single available before the album was officially released. When it was released after very little promotion the song peaked at number  twelve (12) on the Irish single charts. Mine & Yours, went to number one (1 ) in the Irish album charts, in March of 2011. The album was produced by,  Nigel Wright, which contained tracks which Mary, performed on “The X-Factor  in 2010.



Mary, took part in the  2011 The X Factor Live Tour. Sony Music began making plans for Mary’s first solo Concert tour, but this never happened as Mary, decided to move onto Universal Ireland record label.


On 13 September 2011 Mary, had announced that she wanted to end her very short partnership with Sony Music Ireland. Mary then made it known she wanted to go to another label Universal Music Ireland. It was with this label that she hooked up musically with Phil Coulter. It was later announced that she had started working on a second album, produced by legendary Irish musician,Phil Coulter, to be released in Ireland by Universal Music Ireland and, Decca records, in the UK.


2012 “An Evening With Mary Byrne & Phil Coulter

Mary began a concert featuring her latest songs from the album with “Phil Coulter, in venues like the INEC, Killarney, Ireland and in the Royal Theater, Castlebar, also in Ireland,  in April 2012.

Initially ,only one show was planned for Mary and Phil, to perform in the, Olympia Theater, Dublin, on 8 May 2012. However, public demand for tickets was so overwhelming, that an extra five  (5 ) nights were added, eventually resulting in a total of six (6) nights residency leading up to 13 May 2012.

Both Mary, and Phil, sang solo in the Olympia, but they also sang many a duets together. The shows were well received and had many a standing ovations from the audience and an encore on each of the six nights.

Despite the fact the concert was initially intended to showcase songs from “…with Love”, Mary sang several songs from her debut album “Mine and Yours”  and other songs that where not on either of her two albums.


In November, 2011, Mary, released an autobiography which was co-written by, “Eddie Rowley entitled “This Is My Life”, based upon the Shirley Bassey, hit of the same name.

The book was released by O’Brien press, here in Ireland and was on the best seller list for one month. During the same time, the book was also released in the UK.

“This Is My Life” was well received not only X-Factor fans but by a wider audionce right across the board. Her  stories of a, Dublin youth and experiences, helped the book reach that wider audience.

Mary in recent times appeared in musicals


Mary once recently revealed via interview, that she met country and western Irish singer and song writer, Don Mescall, after a charity gig. It was reported that he enjoyed her show so much that he wanted himself and Mary to do a country and western album. They had sought permission of Mary’s record label to do this, and Mary had intentions of going over to Nashville, as soon as she had finished her current work at that time which included a tour here in Ireland.

Mary’s Chart Success

Single, I just Call You Mine, charted number twelve, (12) here in Ireland.

Her Album, Mine & Yours, went to number one (1) here in Ireland.

Mary’ has three studio albums which include Mine & Yours on, Sony Music Ireland.

With Love, on Universal Ireland, and Decca UK.

Magic Of The Musicals, Hetton Records.

Here is a link to Mary’s FB page (  )

Mary was part of the X-Factors single, Herero’s originally by the late singer ” David Bowie, this went to number one (1 ) here in Ireland and the UK.

Image Sourced from Google, and videos from you tube.

1st video is of Mary doing her very 1st audition in Dublin City, for the X-Factor in 2010, its titled, I who Have Nothing.

2nd Video is called, You Dont Have To Say You Love Me, originally by the Late Cilla Black.

and the 3rd one is called, Its A Mans, Mans, Mans World.



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