Ireland and her homeless crisis

Thursday 1st December 2016 will mark the second anniversary of the Irish homeless man Mr. Jonathan  Corrie, who was found dead on a door step near the Dail in Dublin City, the Dail is the work place of Irish TD’s and Irish government officials. This man’s unnecessary death caused a huge media outcry and many a voice was spoken out saying more will be done on the homeless crisis.

Sadly in our society today the homeless crisis here in Ireland seems to be getting worse, there was a time in Ireland when a homeless person was of that of a male or a female over the age of 18, today we have families young children through no fault of their own, been placed in emergency accommodation and nearly forgotten about, and been left to live in a room where they have to eat, wash, and sleep as well as do the daily routines.

2016 marked a year of celebrations here in Ireland and yet as we celebrated breaking free from the British Rule, People were sleeping on our streets.

6,847 people are homeless here in Ireland at the moment and out of that figure 2,470 are children leaving the rest at adults 4,370 these figures were sourced from the Peter McVerry Trust. You may recall early this year when we had a general election in Ireland, when our then leader Edna Kenny kept putting it out there to the media that, Ireland was recovering from the recession and that we were back on track, if this was true how come we still have people living on our streets?

How come the homeless was not put right?

If our government could invest millions of Euro’s into the setting up of Irish Water (IW) How come they couldn’t do that with the homeless?

It makes me very sad to think that our current acting serving government have not done anything positive to tackle our homeless crisis here in Ireland. They did have some modular houses built north of Dublin City, in a place called Ballymun, but its not enough to meet the demand, its not even enough to match the huge waiting list on our housing authorities, in fact its not even enough to tackle the figures sleeping rough on our streets, if it did maybe we would be looking at a new picture today instead of the bleak picture we see everyday, Folks something needs to be done sooner than later.

As I said it is approaching the 2nd anniversary of Mr. Corrie’s death, should we let his passing make a stand here in Ireland when it comes to homeless.

Image Credit: Alan Finn.

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