Homeless Man Asleep

Homeless (Poetry) The Stress Of Trying To Sort Out Your Homeless Situation

He walks the streets with his bed on his back,
All of his belongings in a thorn black sack
Is it worth it, he asks himself,
Or like many will he just be left on a shelf

He goes to the council, they will know what to do,
He meets a nice lady, who hasn’t a clue
Give her a moment to check her book,
Here’s a phone number she says, and best of luck

On the Luas back into town, tension and stress really gets him down,
He will pick up some drink and go on a session,
All of this will do is lead to a depression

He heads for the hostel, not feeling quite right,
Sorry there mate, there is no room tonight
Begging for money for food, not for wealth, his battle goes on and on, with his mental health

The doctor he lectures saying things aren’t that bad, where do we get him, he is stark raving mad
With pills, and prescriptions he sets off in the dark
No point of him searching, he will sleep in the park…..

IMAGE: Darafsh Kaviyani

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