Homeless figures are rising as more families end up living in emergency accommodation

Families who find themselves becoming homeless is on the increase here in Ireland according to Focus Ireland. The latest figures show that up to 79 Families became homeless in the Dublin region alone, in May of this year with a total of 4,992 Nationwide and out of that figure there are 2,277 Children leaving 4,922 Adults.

Its believed that one in every three children here in Ireland are either or are becoming effected as this homeless crisis deepens. The number of homeless rose by 25% From May 16 to May 17. The number of children has risen by 28% in the same period from a total of 2,177 children in May 2016.

These figures may not include anyone who is not on the system example hidden homeless and in some cases rough sleepers.

As this crisis becomes deeper it would appear that not enough is been done to prevent families and or people from becoming homeless we need to put a stop on evictions prevent landlords from increasing the rents. We need our government to put such measures into place we need the government to stand up for the people not for the government to stand with the rich landlords or hotel owners.

Each person who enters homeless does so because they have no other options its not their fault but the faults of our system that is been put in to place, We need to change the system because its not working.

To house a family or a person in emergency accommodation from one year to another costs the tax payer more cash than it would actually cost to build a house over a year. Why does this government keep throwing dead cash in to a system that does not work for the people?

And it would appear that every-time we get a new government we lose the previous housing minster replaced by someone new who has different ideas to the previous one then the wheel spins around again and it would suggest that nothing positive is happening with this homeless crisis. Just look at the figures for the Dublin region from May 17 they have risen and it was about this time when we replaced the minster of housing.    

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