Hello we are Runamo

Hello, we are ” Runamo                                                                     By Alan Finn.

The Docklands areas, of Dublin City, has in the past few years changed dramatically with new landscapes buildings, including shopping centers, apartments, and has seen a huge increase in population from right across the board and with people from all walks of life. It would be safe to say with all their changes the docklands is now like a thriving little “Urban Village, in Dublin City.

This area can also be credited for producing decent up & coming groups, and or musicians . We today are witnessing the likes of up and coming groups likes (MC ) Motion Control, from the Pearse Street area, and (AA) AWOL Active, also from the Pearse Street areas. And growing from the docklands, we have now another group, who have their foundations in this area. Well today lets meet up and coming group from the same area, called Runamo. Runamo, is a new group but were once known as, ” Evil Empire.

Group Profile

Aarron Hamilton (21 ) Lead vocalist

David Boucher ( 20 )  Bass Guitar

Andy Neville ( 19 )    Rhythm Guitar

Daniel Fox     ( 19 )    Lead Guitar

Cathal Luddy  ( 19 )   Drums


They are all based and live in Dublin City.

Status unsigned 


They take inspiration from the likes of, Arctic Monkeys, and when you hear them play live you will be able to identify the connection. Runamo, are a young, and very aspiring five piece who have the ability, and the drive, to push themselves to the point where they will be noted, not only on a home stage but further afield. This group who play and write their own original materiel have a connection with all types of music, including indie, and a mix of rock thrown in for good measure. As I pointed out they take inspiration from not only the “Arctic Monkeys, they also take inspiration from the likes of, The Beatles, a nice little mix here.

Runamo, are making their first major move to establish themselves as one to watch out for in the future.

They have some decent original songs, two of them I really like and they are “ Suburbia, and ” Flower bomb.

They, have played in various gigs and only recently played support to, up and coming Dublin, Group, Motion Control, at the button factory, Temple Bar, here in Dublin City.

I asked the lads where would they like to see themselves in five years from now (2021) they replied they would like to be doing a few festivals not only here in Ireland, but worldwide, and of course have a few albums, and a few EP’s.

I have seen ” Runamo, aka (EE) Evil Empire, play and they are very good live. They have a way with doing ” Flower-bomb, on the stage, that everyone just gets up on to the dance floor and gives it their all. The power in this song is 100%, and all who is there can feel it.

Its has been very busy time for these lads, they have plenty of up and coming gigs, to platform themselves. They will be doing the ” Battle For The lakes, a festival that is in Achill Island, just off the coast of, Mayo Ireland, in early October and they will be doing a gig at the very impressive venue, The Workman’s Club Dublin, here on Wellington Quay in Dublin 2.

Please reefer to the links below for more details. Also their social media FB page is linked below. Follow their progress and get their up dates on their FB page.

(PB ) Prime Bling, the platform  for anything up & coming, would like to wish ” Runamo, the very best in the future.

Below are digital links to up & coming gigs ” Runamo, are doing first up is battle for the band. Also above is a link that goes directly to their fb page.

Runamo, recently won a slot place in a competition, in the King Kong Club, here in Dublin City.


Battle For the Lake, Achil Island, https://www.facebook.com/battleforthelake/


Here is a link to their new FB page, https://www.facebook.com/Runamoband/?ref=page_internal

This is not the first time I met these guys, we met last year when they where called ” Evil Empire, here is a link to that story, it appeared on the fountain resource group, web page ( http://www.frg.ie/culture/meet-evil-empire

Image credit, James Hamilton, who is a music producer.

Below is a link to their page on reverb Nation click on the link and listen to their current tune titled, Borealis,


And we at (PB ) like to pride ourselves in helping and promoting up and coming group, bands. Prime Bling, is a platform for anything up & coming. If you would like to have your group profiled, or you would like to add your gig for an article on our up & coming section, please send to Info@Primebling.com, we will work together and platform it as a team.





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