Go Fund Raising Campaign Set Up in memory of James Kavanagh

A public fundraiser has been set up in aid of a young man who sadly passed away last month. James Kavanagh who was living with his family in Longford here in Ireland passed away after having suffered a fit as James suffered with epileptic fits. James who was only 25 when he suddenly passed away and this fund has been set up by a lady called Hazel Robinson no stranger to us here at Prime Bling (PB) Your favorite on line digital entertainment guide.

Sadly Jame’s family over the last four or so weeks have suffered family tragedy’s including his mother Audrey ending up in ICU, in hospital, and his younger brother breaking both his legs in a nasty accident.

( Below is text sourced from a page on Go Fund Me) This is the original request made by Hazel on the go fund me page:

I have a big request of people. I’m asking anyone who can get involved to please help. Today I visited Audrey Kavanagh for a chat. She has been telling me of the trauma, tragedy and heartache her family have gone through in the last 4 weeks. I asked her did she mind me setting up this Go Fund Me account and she said it was OK.

One month ago Audrey was rushed into hospital with a serious condition which left her in ICU and having to have surgery she managed to come through it but is still not in the best of health. Soon after she arrived home she was looking out her window as she watched ambulances flash by. Both her and her partner were hoping whoever they were for was alright which shortly after revealed, they were for her 14 yr old son Leo. Leo had fallen from the Railway bridge in Longford town onto the tracks below some 25 feet in height. He was rushed to the hospital, lucky to have kept his life, but had both legs broken. One shattered which both now have bars and screws holding them together. Leo is now at present wheelchair bound.

But this was not all, if this wasn’t enough for one family to bare. On the 13th of July Audrey went up to her other son James room to find him in and extremely bad condition. James 25 suffered with epileptic seizures. He was after taking a serious one this time. They rang 999 and carried out resuscitation on him while waiting on paramedics to arrive. Unfortunately there was nothing anyone could and James left this earth leaving his mother, father a sister and bother behind.
It was so sad listening to Audrey’s pain today. She told me how little 13 yr old, lilly-may cryed her eyes out and broke down asking would this happen to her also, as she to has epilepsy.
This family needs our help. We are hosting a benefit night on Saturday the 26th of August in the market bar Longford. It will be a karaoke night which Denise McNamara Flood has kindly offered to do free of charge considering the families struggles this last while. I’m asking anyone who could find it in their heart, to donate some money for this extremely sad cause. Please help cover cost of James funeral and help with travel expenses and all the extras for Leo to get better and hopefully walk again.. I would love to see something nice happen for this family and for them to know that life is not completely cruel. So Lilly-May and Leo have something nice to happen for them. I really believe they deserve it now more then ever… Thank you so much for your time and we will really appreciate and donations big or small. . R.I.P James you are sadly missed.

To donate to this fund just go on to gofundme.com and put in James Kavanagh in the search bar thank you.

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