Friends Remembering Friends Open Ceremony To be held in St Andrews Community Center

The yearly annual ceremony to remember past friends, family, and neighbors will take place here in the Rialto Area at the end of the month. This event will happen on Thursday 30th November 2018 at in St Andrews Community Center, Rialto Dublin 8.

This event is open to everyone who lives in and around the Dublin 8 area. A cushion which is in the progress of been knitted will be unveiled at this event. It’s hoped to include names of people who have passed on in our community.

Anyone who wishes to turn up for this event can just show up on the day you can also have your loved one, and or friend mentioned at this event.

For more information you can phone (RDCT) Rialto Drug Community Team in St Andrews Community Center on 01-454-0021 Office Hours.

Soup and Sandwiches will be served to everyone after the ceremony.

All welcome.

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