Friends Remembering Friends a big success

At 12 Noon today the place to be was in St Andrews Community Center here in Rialto, Dublin 8, to mark the annual friends remembering friends ceremony. A crowd of about 50 Local people and community development workers packed into the main eating area of the center to pay their respect.

We had readings from the crowd who were asked at random to read out names of people who we lost in our community in recent times and in the past. There was a lovely ceremony when as part of it we all sang hymns and had some poetry read to us. Tony McCarty no stranger to us here in the (RCDT) Rialto Community Drug Team, Led this ceremony and we had some poetry written and read out for this ceremony from one man to his family member.

Each person was given a red ribbon, a white candle, and when the ceremony ended we all light our candles and placed them on the make shift alter that was set up on the floor. We had a cushion that was sewed together by one of the drug team in honor of her sister who passed away during the year. This cushion was once a jacket belonging to the sister who passed away.

After the ceremony we all had a nice bowl of homemade soup, sandwiches, this event ended at about

We will in the future hope to put up a short video that was shot at this event capturing the opening of this ceremony.

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