Friends Remembering Friends 2016 St Andrews Community Center

St Andrews Community Center here in Rialtlo Dublin 8, are holding their annual friends remembering friends ceremony this Thursday 17th November 2016. A quilted blanket with the names of people who have sadly passed on from our community will be remembered at this event. Its open to all and it starts at 11.:AM and refreshments will be served.

You can just drop around on Thursday 17th November and it will be held in the main hall. To get to St Andrews Community Center Rialtlo, you can get of the Luas either on Fatima Or Rialtlo and walk back in towards South Circular Road, and its the red building with the spire, or you can get a bus on to Cork Street and walk the very short walk back in to Rialtlo village.

The address is 468 South Circular Road Dublin 8 you can also telephone them on 01-454-0021 for more information.

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